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  • Nothing beats the power of a really good question to get your mind’s flywheel up and spinning, and these 3 coaching questions have the power to change your life.

    How do you know you’ve found a good coaching question? You’ll keep coming back to it, understanding it from different angles, over and over again, over a period of years.

    The following three coaching questions are the most powerful I’ve ever come across, and they will have dramatic long-term impact on your life if you keep applying them.

    Fair warning, even though these look like simple and innocent questions, they will catapult you onto a new level in your development path over time. Unpacking these can also greatly accelerate your development journey.

  • When you’re in the midst of a tumultuous or stressful situation, like a break up or grief, your inner voice often tends to run rampant with every possible thought: things left unsaid, anger, frustrations, sadness and more.

    These three simple tools rely on your natural processes for dealing with this kind of situation, and are easy to remember and do, even when you’re feeling run down or completely burnt out.

  • As the shift and awakening continue around the world, what practical changes can we expect to see in our day-to-day lives as 5D becomes our new reality?

    The 5D reality and 5D are terms that you see bandied about a lot these days, especially if your favourite Internet haunts happen to be focused on New Age spiritual information flow.

    What is 5D though, what does it mean and how can practically expect it to change your day-to-day life? What does 5D actually mean for you?

  • What would happen to creativity and innovation if we could wave a magic wand and make budgetary limitations go away?

    How can innovation accelerate in a world without money?

  • The System is one of those concepts like they… everyone kind of has an idea of what it is, but it’s vague and no one can actually define it.

    What is the system exactly? What are the ways that the system traps you and keeps you trapped?

  • 5D business ideas

    So as the world and economy are moving, shifting and changing, many of us are starting to question how we make money.

    We realise we HAVE TO make money to survive in the 3D world, but for many of us, we can’t stomach doing exactly what we did before, and we’re looking for alternate options that allow us to transition to a more 5D way of being…. and allow us to survive the transition financially.

    Cos really, we are not much use as soldiers if we’re starving, freezing, and/or dead ;) LOL :)

  • 6 reasons why lightworkers, empaths, indigos, crystal children and other spiritual types don’t do well in the 3D or “real" world

    So I had a foray back into the “real world” with a project I did recently… and it was a stark reminder as to why I don’t participate in 3D anymore lol ;)

    I say lol… but maybe that’s a nervous laugh. 3D ain’t fun…. and the people in it are weird.

    I thought about that a lot with this project I was working on, and for a while I had been thinking about the differences between us spiritual types and the people out there. These are some of the most glaring differences I spotted.

    1. We’re too ethical
    2. We’re too honest
    3. We look for compromise - they want superiority and control
    4. We focus on our communication skills and language
    5. We’re empaths
    6. Money is not our God
  • What would a world not driven by money look like? And what are the reasons you’d want to live in a world without money?

    Money is a powerful driver in the modern world, and for the most part, we’ve elevated it to the point of necessity. However, the truth is that money is not necessary to how we live our lives or structure our society.

    So take a walk with me as we imagine a world without money, and what that will mean for our day-to-day lives.

  • If you are interested in A Course in Miracles and would like to further your practice, but aren’t quite understanding the text, or are battling to read it, then this is a practical guide for daily actions to keep you in line with ACIM practice.

  • A Different View of the Judgement of God

    For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

    2 Corinthians 5:10

  • A healer's perspective on manifestation

    A thought just occurred... the whole concept of single-mindedly focusing on a goal when you're manifesting is really difficult to do, and it's where most of us fall over.

    And then I realized its because it's an unnatural process - it requires us to ignore the shadow: the doubts and fears etc.

    Those ego/shadow emotions are not emotions that like to be ignored - if you just avoid them, they only get louder and louder.

    Then I thought, there has to be a way or point that the alignment with the resonance happens instantaneously - as a revelation.

  • The very idea that you should be able to feel love for them - that you even exist in the first place - that's the ego trap.

    You will change and vacillate as you grow... sometimes you'll have hope, at other times you will feel disdain, at others complete disappointment.

  • Am I a crazy white supremacist? TL;DR: No, I’m making a point - and taking a stand!

    LOL, I’ve written some salacious pieces in the last little while… and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to face this question if these get any traction.

    I know some people hate seeing LOL in an article… but get over it. I laugh - a lot and way too loudly, I am often told. This part me is me explaining why I’m doing this, so you get me with all my LOLs and winky faces ;)

    So which salacious pieces have I written, you ask?

    If you knew me prior to this, or you go look back, you’ll discover these pieces are a departure from what I normally write.

    But yeah, seems like some stuff is going down in the world, and if there was ever a time to add your voice (back) into the global mix again, I suppose this is it.

    So upfront - nope, I’m not a crazy white supremacist, or a racist, or even usually particularly bothered with politics.

    I just think that we all have a moral obligation to speak out during this time, and stop this slippery slope into chaos that the world seems to be hurtling down.

    Also I’m clearly ballsy, and I’ve had a few brushes with being controversial in the past. And I have some big shoulders… so I’m (relatively) okay with carrying some of the hate that I know will be aimed at me for this. Not literally bullet proof; but pretty mentally and emotionally steely.

    Controversy, and rubbing people up the wrong way however, those are gifts I have in abundance LOL. And once you get past wanting everyone to accept you, you get okay with taking some flack in order to say what needs to be said. Also it helps that I’ve had lifelong practice with people being pissed off at me for saying the wrong thing ;)

    It helps that I’m bit of a rebel without a pause I suppose. I had put it on the back burner when I transitioned from left to right, and no longer thought of myself as an SJW, or responsible for deciding what other people think. But I kind of always knew I’d need to reenter the fray again one day.

    God’s gifts don’t come without their price!

    I’ve been pondering this for a while - this whole left/right divide that’s been going on all over the world, and I’ve slowly started to realize that conservatives lose on fronts like media, simply because we’re too reasonable and too tame.

    We are thinkers for the most part. We feel passionately about things yes, but we have reasoned our passion. We can usually give arguments for why we got here… which, for many of us, has already meant we’ve had to reconsider our entire selves as progressives or liberals.

    On the progressive left however, we’re dealing with a bunch of overly emotional people, who are again passionate - but passionate simply because they feel a certain way. Not because they’ve had to make a choice about it.

    Often, the liberal left’s mindset has been shaped by the echo chamber, confirmation bias, the natural persecution we all feel during our childhood years, a single incident, or learned ideologies, both from media, social circles, family, and your immediate environments. Attend a liberal school, you’re likely to land up being liberal.

    However, the ideas often aren’t reasoned… LOL, I say this into our confirmation bias echo chamber, of course ;) The irony does not escape me!

    So what we’re landing up with is conservatives trying to get an angry and emotional progressive mob to engage in civil discourse. We’re thinking that the more civil we are, the more civil it will encourage them to be. You know, open the door for meaningful discussion.

    And the more riled up the left gets, the more calm conservatives are staying; in the hope that the same courtesy will be returned to us.

    I partly think here that because we don’t show the same emotional fervor, many on the left think we’re not as passionate, or we’re doormats. They don’t recognise our reason as a way of expressing this - they only recognize the way they express, which is emotion.

    Basically we’re fighting fire with water, and the fire keeps growing, fueled by a never ending source - and all we’re creating is a ton of steam.

    So… I’m wondering, with my sly little media and marketing mind… what if we tried a different approach?

    What if it’s time to fight fire… with fire? What if we strike out ahead of them and burn a few firebreaks? Steal a few of their ideas and turn them into our own?

    Like Black Lives Matter can become White Lives Matter - or even All Lives Matter. The idea of black government can be replaced with us pushing for a white government - or highlighting the increasingly ever-abounding ineptitude of the black governments around the world?

    Where we usually stand still on vaccines, as long as we can make our own choice about them, maybe we should be calling to remove all vaccines? Maybe we should be calling to remove the choice for abortions?

    And it’s not that we even want these things really… it’s just that the left has pushed so far forward on all these - and many more - issues, largely because we are respecting them and their right to freedom of choice. So we’re politely stepping aside.

    But what if we stopped stepping aside?

    What if, just what if… we started pushing back? Started showing them that we can stand up and push for issues too… and if we do that, that it will be a very scary world in which they are the ones that will get no choices?

    What if, just what if… we turned the tables?

    What if we met the shock and awe scare tactics of the left head on, and used salacious content and headlines to pull them into reading a few pieces that present the other point of view? Think of it as lefty-clickbait.

    Granted I probably won’t make huge inroads, and even when we reach people, chances are that we’ll only convert a tiny percentage with logic and reasoning… but it’s always worth a try.

    We can’t keep standing here calmly, waiting for them to be reasonable, or talk to us civilly though. We’re getting nowhere fast with this strategy.

    Why am I laying it out so bare here? Well the left are never gonna wonder over here to read this - it’s not like they look for much outside their confirmation bias. So in plain view seems to be the perfect hiding place.

    And any lefties that do read it will misquote and take it entirely out of context, and just skim read anyway. It’s not like they’re going to absorb the info, or even have the mental discipline to apply the knowledge when they’re emotionally riled up ;)

    This way, at least conservatives know I’m not crazy, and if my experiments work and get movement, then it’s a tool we can use in future.

    I stay within the realms of what is constitutional, and I have checked the South African Constitution very carefully. I stay within those boundaries.

    A look at the South African Constitution:

    The ideas I’m representing are exactly that - opinions and ideas. Pieces meant to provoke thought, and even emotional responses - because that’s part of what a good writer does. LOL you could cheekily call some of it conservative fan-fiction, I suppose ;)

    So conservatives - I’m not a whacko. I’m just a girl with big balls, who’s willing to put herself on the line a bit in order to see if we can make some headway.

    If you agree with me and want to support me, please share all the content on my website and the YouTube channels. I will be trying to cover all the issues that are important on our side of the fence, and Humans Right related.

    If you disagree with my strategy, then I ask you to consider why President Trump gets under people's skins so much? It's definitely not because he puts them at ease. As a coach and mentor I've learned that discomfort is usually where you have to be for growth, and I'm pretty awesome at sitting with that discomfort. I can't think God wants me to ignore these kinds of skills when the Holy Spirit keeps sending me to all these controversial topics.

    If you do have any ideas that you think I should be tackling - from anywhere in the world - then send them. I am already putting myself out there to ruffle feathers, if I can, and so I may as well put it to good use. Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    If I get myself killed while doing this… well then clearly I did a good enough job, and I hope one of you picks up the banner and puts my death to good use. Clearly if I get offed or suicided (which I can guarantee you I will NEVER do - I healed ALL those parts of myself through God), I have done enough to make them notice me enough, to be pissed off enough, to take me out. So it will be a win.

    None of us get very many real choices in life… about the only thing we really can decide about our lives, is what we are willing to die for. What we are willing to be sacrificed to achieve.

    I gave my heart and life and mind and soul to God many years ago, and I have been prepared to meet my maker for a very long time.

    I promise you, if God deems it necessary for me to die to further this cause, and stop this crazy descent the world is in… I’m good with that.

    Today I make no decisions for myself, I ask only for the day that God would have me have. If you would have me do it, I will do it. If you will not have me do it, I will not do it. I give this day to God.

    God Bless - and see you on the other side.



    Watch the video on the future of Black Lives Matter at


    Watch the video "Do Black Lives Really Matter?" at


    Watch the video "Is it time to divide the world into political zones and vote with our feet" at

  • An argument for patience

    Since achieving enlightenment in December 2016, barriers have dropped away that have enabled me to see the final connections on stuff that I just could never before.

    Like I knew the details of the morphic field, but I couldn't quite see actually how it worked and the mechanisms and how it really all fit in. Now however I can put my mind there and within a while the answer just comes.

    So at the same time, spiritual concepts have really made sense and I've really been able to apply them as tools. Concepts like faith, appreciation, patience, compassion, humility.

    The most fascinating of these though is patience...

    I've been actively applying patience as a tool.

  • So what about using the astrological time of conception, if it can be calculated, as a map to understand the influence of your parent's relationship as it plays out in your life?

    So putting parental relationship influence into its own category like active memories, karma and generational patterns?

  • So I have really felt like Alice in Wonderland over the past month… the word is wow. We stop there cos no word is big enough to describe what I’ve experienced and seen. A small one will have to do.

  • In beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we take an honest look at the trend of fat and skinny shaming that is so prevalent on social media nowadays.

    It’s really difficult not to go onto a social media site nowadays and not see at least one post where someone is pointing out that the person in the picture is too thin or too fat… or pointing out a part of a (usually female) body, that honestly is usually far from visually appealing, and harping on about how this is definitely sexy.

    It’s also impossible to pick up a woman’s magazine and not see some sort of ‘who looked good and who looked terrible’ type of feature, often analysing the usually more wobbly bits of some celebrity’s body.

    Most often, these kinds of activities are often known as fat shaming, and involve pointing out how bad or less-than-perfect most women’s bodies are. In extreme cases the posts will attack obesity head on in a very denigrating manner.

  • Content marketing differs from traditional PR in that it is educational and informative entertainment – but importantly, it is entertainment.

    People have to be interested and you have to keep their interest – and in our quick-fix world of instant gratification that can be a difficult thing to do.

    So how do you create great content that gets noticed and has feet in our cluttered media space?

  • Christ Consciousness & the Religious Overtones for the Shift

    Like so many other lightworkers, I come from a strict religious background.

    My parents used to make us go to church sometimes every day of the week. My mom was in the choir and the church secretary. I grew to hate Christianity.

  • Coaching Strategy for:

    • Physical System Support
    • Practical Functionality (Getting stuff done day to day)

    This will help you face the things you need to do, like work and focus and meetings and chores.

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