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5 habits that make manifesting easier

Here are five habits you can develop to help you manifest results more easily and effectively in your life.

When we think of habits, we tend to think them as being bad things that are outside of our control.

The truth is that a habit is just a mechanism that enables you to do something without thinking about it, so that it gets done regularly without you having to remember to do it consciously.

And if we’re honest, many of us fall over with manifesting work because we forget to the daily basics.

1. Turn your pleases into thank yous

This simple linguistic trick will probably take a bit of effort to implement at first, but once it’s in place it should yield enormous results.

Simply put, what you’re going to start by doing is rephrasing everything you’d usually say please for into a sentence using thank you instead. For example, “Please may I have some tea?” becomes “Yes, I’ll have some tea thank you.”

As you develop proficiency you can expand this exercise to rephrase all your question statements like “I want that” or “I need that”, to become “Thank you, I’ll have that” or “Thank you I accept that.”

This silly little linguistic trick will reprogram your mind over time, until you naturally do what we’re told do with manifesting: give thanks in advance as if it is already done.

2. Gratitude journaling

No matter how good or bad you’re feeling, or how well or poorly you’re doing in a situation, gratitude will always be a good place to start – and it will always boost you.

Simple gratitude journaling, even just listing the things you can think of to be grateful for, can make an enormous impact to how you’re feeling about any situation, and can help generate noticeable movement and results.

3. Gratitude rampages

If you’d like to take your gratitude practice – and the results and rewards – to the next level though, a gratitude rampage is the way to go.

A gratitude rampage works by you and your partner, or a friend or family member, agreeing to go on the rampage together, and then for the allocated day or days, staying in constant contact, sharing as many things as you can think of to be grateful for.

The reason this is more powerful than working on your own is twofold: first, you employ the power of critical mass, exponentially increasing the energy you put out there because you’re working together, and secondly, you increase the efficacy because you’re taking an action and putting it out there into the holographic field, instead of just saying it in your head.

When you share the experiences and thoughts with someone else it anchors those energies into the holographic field more deeply, resulting in a faster turnaround and more energy input, for less effort overall.

4. Reminders on your phone

Simple reminders, at key times like 11:11 and 1:11, and other combinations that are important to you, can remind you to stop and send up a prayer, say an affirmation or similar.

All those little repeated moments of energy sent out to the dream or goal you’re pursuing will add up to return results more quickly, for whatever you’re manifesting.

5. Regular energy healing

Each time you put something out there into the universe, you start by thinking you may never have it.

Over time though you grow to believe you can achieve it, and then you do achieve it, and then a whole new desire forms – usually not long after you’ve integrated the feeling of having had attained your goal.

Healing, growth and development works in the same way: you release or shift something, or a layer of something, and then your system integrates it, and then the next lot of stuff comes up to be released.

So you will experience surges and rewards and results, but then the next blockage will come up to be cleared.

Until you clear it, it will do what all the other challenges did: it will cause drama and chaos in your life, giving you opportunities to overcome it, so that you know you can overcome it. Regular energy healing sessions can help you stay ahead of this curve.

By staying a step ahead, or at least level with the lessons you are chasing, you mitigate and reduce the amount of stress, chaos and drama that surrounds each hurdle.

By releasing the beliefs and energy in advance, you also pave the way for a positive future, filled with positive and uplifting experiences, to be attracted towards you.

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