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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
Arrogance & Humility in Spirituality

It often seems like the more you evolve spiritually, the more people seem to misunderstand you.

So why does humility in spirituality often get labeled as arrogance?

Spirituality & the Ego Journey

We tend to think of personal growth, spirituality and the spiritual journey as only being conscious decisions we choose for our lives.

This is hardly the truth though, because it would mean that people would never grow at all unless they chose a conscious spiritual path.

So then how can people evolve into a spiritual journey? Well, there has to be a natural mechanism that enables us to grow organically in a mainstream world, and that mechanism is ego.

In fact, the ego journey IS the spiritual journey. Here’s how it works:

The Cycle of Desire by Chemory GunkoThe Cycle of Desire by Chemory Gunko

You have a desire that is launched and you go through the process of delay and discernment that eventually culminates in you achieving your aim or letting go of your desire.

Curiously, it doesn’t actually matter whether you achieve your desire or not, the next part of the process remains the same: you often experience a sense of loss or an ‘anticlimax’ as you realize that this desire (whether achieved or not), is NOT ever going to fulfill you – either because you can’t have it or because you reached it and realized it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

From this place you will either go into a depression or you will launch a new desire. Often the depression stage ends with launching a new desire as well.

So in a nutshell, the point of LAUNCHING a desire (remember outcome doesn’t matter) is that you realize that nothing on this plane will EVER fulfill you. When you reach that point, you’ll finally (re)turn to God.

Ego Battles

Before you turn back to Source though, you are usually going to go through quite a few cycles of ego ups and downs as you launch and release desires.

With every subsequent desire you achieve your ego will grow, and your newly launched desires will be bigger accordingly. With each loss you face YOU will grow stronger and more determined, again inspiring you to reach for even bigger goals.

So what it becomes is a cycle of launching bigger and bigger goals to match your ever-growing ego (desire to have things for the Self). The point is to make the ego or desire so big that you realize it cannot be fulfilled by anything on earth, turning you back to God.

So your ego gets bigger… much bigger.

Even if you’re on a spiritual path this will happen, because if you are INSIDE creation you are OUTSIDE of God. Once you cross over to God, you will be taken OUT of creation. Ergo, the ONLY spiritual path you can follow is to grow your ego.

So spiritual people come across as arrogant because in the strictest sense of the word we are arrogant: we are huge personalities with huge egos who are almost at the limit of the desires we can reach for and maintain within this existence – our desires just happen to be spiritual instead of materialistic.

In a nutshell, until you are in God, the ONLY thing you can do is learn how to navigate ego levels. What distinguishes spiritual people from those who choose a secular path is that our ego fall at the end will not be so hard – mostly because we’ve consciously been through our ego falls in healing installments already.

But wait, there’s more…

Spiritual Confidence & Messages from Source

As we seriously enter the global shift and the Age of Aquarius now, being a lightworker is a lot less about love and light and a lot more about taking action and standing for your beliefs.

In line with this, a number of lightworkers are being challenged by Source to ‘wear their spiritual hearts on their sleeves.’ Basically we’re being asked to walk our talk in terms of spirituality and the way we choose to live our lives.

In some cases this means changing a lifestyle, in some cases this means speaking out more; in other cases it means using your voice more actively and expanding your platforms.

If you’re still only feeling this as urges, instead of having it come through as clear thoughts, then you will be experiencing a need to ‘speak your truth’ or ‘be honest with people,’ or even ‘set boundaries’ because you feel like people are encroaching on you, especially in terms of beliefs. You may also be feeling a need to take a more active role and drive stuff that you’d usually react more passively to.

Purity is arrogance

When you start stepping up your game like this, you often run into the brick wall of being called arrogant.

Do you know how you know you’re not actually arrogant? You get hurt by the comment, not angered. Yes you still have ego reactions and snap back and stuff like that, but it’s driven by pain and shock rather than indignant anger.

Arrogant people get angry that you have challenged their knowledge, status or power. If internally you get hurt and scared and you want to back off in those situations, I promise you you’re not arrogant.

Except for your own peace of mind, it doesn’t actually matter what you are feeling inside yourself though, because when somebody labels you arrogant it’s because they feel inferior to you in your presence: it’s totally their stuff and about them.

Often this happens because you start speaking truths that they can’t deny, but want to deny. The things you’re saying make them feel uncomfortable, and here’s the real kicker: they don’t even understand half the vocabulary you’re using because they’ve never heard words like energy and resonance before.

You are literally speaking Greek to them when you go off on a tangent explaining something: in some cases they only catch every second or third word when you pack it full of spiritual vocabulary. So they feel stupid because they can’t keep up.

The other thing that happens is that they try to measure you by their own highest internal standard – where they believe they are. Ego doesn’t allow them to believe that you are anywhere as good as them, so you must be below them. Ergo, if they are not at that level, then you must be arrogant for claiming to be there – and clearly a liar.

So are you an arrogant liar in this regard, or do you know yourself?

2 Corinthians 13:5 says:

Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you - unless indeed you fail the test?

In order to know God you HAVE TO accept that you DO already know him – it’s the last barrier and it speaks to your faith in yourself, and your faith in what God is teaching you.

All the final barriers in journeys and tests are always tests of choice, and the final question is always: ‘do you believe this and accept is as your new reality?’ If you deny healing after it’s done, you will undo it. Every healer will tell you those stories.

In addition, in order to accept that you may be more advanced in any arena, especially one we naturally all participate in like spirituality, the people you’re dealing with then ALSO have to accept that they are inferior to you in that regard.

Where they are superior to people they look down on them and judge them; ergo if you are superior to them you will do exactly the same. And remember, the perception of superiority is not caused by your actions, but rather by their internalized feeling of inferiority.

Until they reach the point of understanding compassion, they have paradigm blindness to the concept of compassion, so it doesn’t even feature as an option for them. They only see that you could judge them and be condescending or arrogant.

A Course in Miracles puts it really well:

A major tenet in the ego's insane religion is that sin is not error but truth, and it is innocence that would deceive. Purity is seen as arrogance, and the acceptance of the self as sinful is perceived as holiness. And it is this doctrine that replaces the reality of the Son of God as his Father created him, and willed that he be forever. Is this humility? Or is it, rather, an attempt to wrest creation away from truth, and keep it separate?

Humility in its place… in front of God

The concept of humility has really been bashed into a poor shadow of its former self.

In our mad ego-driven world, where people are popping pills to mask even the slightest twinge of negative emotion, nothing is more threatening to people than not feeling like they are the most important person in the room.

As a result, the concept of humility has been reduced to the idea that a person is humble if YOU don’t feel threatened by them, if YOU feel comfortable around them, if they make YOU feel good about YOURSELF, and if YOU want to be around them.

That’s not what humility is – that’s popularity and likeability.

Humility is knowing my place in the natural order and affording those who deserve it my respect; humbling myself to them where respect has been earned.

Here’s the dictionary definition of humility:

  • A modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.
  • Synonyms: modesty, humbleness, meekness, diffidence, unassertiveness.

At no point has God told me that I am unworthy – in fact, with the call to walk our talk, God is saying that WE ARE WORTHY and now we have to display that for the world to see.

We have not been sent here as lightworkers to hide away in the shadows of the dark, carefully avoiding treading on egos for fear that we will offend somebody. The very enemy we’re here to defeat IS ego. We don’t pussyfoot around what we’re here to obliterate.

I am humble – very humbled – in the sight of my creators.

Even knowing my worth, I know my place in the order and I enter their presence with all the due respect afforded them. But do I feel we need to do the same for individuals on Earth who DEMAND this of us? Unequivocally NO.

We’re here to teach them how to overcome their ego reactions – not pander to a world that pushes them further and further into the grip of ego.

We do not have to be ‘unassertive,’ ‘meek’ or ‘modest’ about this – we are lightworkers here on a mission. There is nothing modest about what we are asserting as a group – we’re saying we’re here to change the world. There’s nothing modest, unassertive or meek about setting your mind to a goal like that. So how can you think that we can be modest, meek and unassertive in our execution of this task?

It hurts to mitigate ego, to overcome ego reactions and begin operating from a higher vibration. Like we have shifted our own hurt in the trials and healing we’ve faced, those who are healing now have to face what they have created – it is not our job to do the work for them. They have to atone for their own sins.

It is arrogant to deny God

Everyday more and more of us are waking up to amazing spiritual gifts and huge cosmic realizations.

Every time you back down on what you know, what you’ve learned, what you can do, because it makes others uncomfortable, you are denying what God has told you that you are, and accepting the person in front of you as your God. This is what is meant by false idols.

When you arrogantly deny God to serve the needs of another identity, you are making that person your God, and making them a barrier between you and God.

If anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in his glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels. (Luke 9:26)

Being a lightworker is about spreading light in a world of darkness – darkness is not going to like that and you will bear more than your fair share of ridicule, judgement, finger pointing, rejection and more.

People are going to call you stupid and clueless, they are going to attack you and your beliefs, they will make arguments personal and then they’ll label you afterwards. If you spend time catering to this, all you will achieve is to delay your growth.

According to A Course in Miracles:

Those who represent (or plead for) Me to men will be represented (or pleaded for) BY Me before God. Your witnessing DEMONSTRATES your belief, and thus strengthens it.

We are here to represent God and we know that unequivocally because we have ALL woken up knowing it at the same time. This isn’t in your head, and you’re not going insane.

It’s time for you to walk your talk and take the blows that go with the title now.

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