On confidence as a healer

On confidence as a healer

Why do we feel inadequate to teach or heal people, and yet we still get results?

Shouldn't we be completely realised and have solved an issue before we help someone else with it?

This belief is a normal teaching block.

Because you aren't seeing the kind of results you want or don't yet have a handle on that issue yourself you feel inadequate to help.

You think you to have overcome it.

Truth is you're wrong - people like me that have overcome it are unreachable, not easily understandable.

It's the very fact that you are mirroring the issue in yourself and finding a solution that enables you help the person.

You basically apply to them the solution you create for yourself.

You see this proven when you apply a previously utilized existing strategy to another similar energy.

You don't spend as much time unpacking, because once you have the pattern you just apply the solution to absolute truth.

You need to be close to a person's level to help them.

You can help lower vibration people who are blocked from understanding someone like me.

You still engage in the behaviors that make it easy for them to relate.

My approach of bring to consciousness, identify the mirrors and apply mental focus is too hard for most of them.

They need stuff served one lesson at a time, on issues that are relevant to them.

What you see as your lack is actually what enables you to reach them and gives you a significantly wider market than someone like me.

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