Christ Consciousness & the Religious Overtones for the Shift

Christ Consciousness & the Religious Overtones for the Shift

Like so many other lightworkers, I come from a strict religious background.

My parents used to make us go to church sometimes every day of the week. My mom was in the choir and the church secretary. I grew to hate Christianity.

When I escaped into books, and eventually the house, I went into everything esoteric, including Wicca.

Over the years since I have trawled through everything from conspiracy to shamanism to coaching to channeling, Buddhism, zen and more.

Then my really big spiritual awakening happened in 2005/2006.

No wait one step back to the awakening that happened at 21 - this happened with conversations with God.

For those of you that don't know the background yet - I had my first conscious thought at age 4.

It was: if we'd lived before this we would not remember now.

So by 21 I'd had a few breakthroughs, and then came conversations with God. At 25/26 my major awakening happened and God showed himself to me.

It was a complete revelation experience in the truest sense of the word.

The joy was so extreme that I could barely function in the real world for about a month. It took a massive ego death and trauma to pull me back to reality from that.

On a lighter note, I was so grateful after the experience that even cooking took forever - I kept thanking the food I was chopping. Lol walking with God really rocks, but ain't good for practicality.

I digress. So after that big awakening 14 years ago, I started studying A Course In Miracles.

Since then we've traversed the bible, bits of the Quran, Kabbalah, healing, alternative therapy, the morphic field and more - even creating a channeled healing process.

So many lightworkers are resistant to accepting the religious overtones, but the truth is that every advanced soul I've encountered the past few years has made this transition.

The religious part is part of it - whether you like it or not.

As the Course says: free will means you determine when you'll take the course, not what the content is.

At the same time Ascension is Christ consciousness. The title of an Ascended Master is Christ.

Half the time people are amazed that I know what's going on with them I haven't even used my intuition - I've just regurgitated a pattern.

The reason that works is that past a point you all follow the same path in the same steps. The detail looks different because of the personal ego and karma but if you know the patterns, you see the same recursions in everything.

Eventually you'll even realise that something can only exist because it has a recursion behind it.

You think making the leap and stretching yourself to absorb religious knowledge is going to be huge - maybe the hugest thing you're ever asked. You're wrong.

As someone who has walked this path and helps others do the same, I'm telling you now the leaps you're still going to have to make are a zillion times huger.

You will feel like you've gone to the other side of the universe and back again with some of the things you'll be asked to accept in the coming months and years.

This is just another expression of the rebel archetype - which we all carry.

Here though, you're being asked to rebel against yourself.

This is all just a part of learning how to manage your internal responses. Once you get higher you'll realise this was all just practice to make you stronger and give you the skills you need.

If the religious thing is coming up in your face, go there as quickly as possible. Clear all the resistance.

It is an incredible shortcut!

The reason those texts exist is because they contain all the info you need.

These are lessons of all that is and for the entire world.

All that is is not everything except what you dislike. It's everything - even what you don't like.

Saving everyone doesn't means saving everyone except the people you like. It's EVERYONE - narcissists and psychopaths included.

This is a polite wake up call from Source.

Take the lesson because you're reading it now and because you're taking conscious control of your journey.

That conscious control of your journey will be the biggest step you ever take and will show you that the only thing that's been delaying your journey is you.

The religious stuff counts. Everything counts.

It's time to get in the game and stop trying to fit the content to your agenda.

YOU serve God. Not the other way around.

Take your journey to the next level - I dare you.

I took the risk years ago and it was the best decision I made on my path. It's why you're reading my post instead of me reading yours.

Think about it.

Love & light always xo

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