Set Your Focus and Goals for the New Year

What are your spiritual intentions?

We focus so much in our day to day lives on physical and emotional stuff that we forget the spiritual as it practically applicable.

 So what are your spiritual goals?

Do you want to grow faith?

Grow your psychic abilities?

Pray or meditate regularly?

Is This Your Proving Ground?

So as you walk back into the politics and people stuff today, I have a question for you to ask yourself:

Is this your proving ground?

So often, people fight for recognition in an area or environment because this is their biggest pond - the biggest stage they have to prove themselves.

If this is their proving ground, and you have another, e.g. Spirituality, then back off and let them have it. Stop taking it so personally and stop investing so much in it ;)

What's the benefit to you? An easier working environment, more peace, more harmony.

The Speed of Trust

Stephen Covey Jr wrote a fabulous book a few years back called the speed of trust. I love the concept.

Basically it boils down to... when you trust someone you don't question them or their motives.

My challenge to you:

Find the relationships that you have that do and don't operate at the speed of trust.

Compare the two and find which behaviors and actions you and the other parties engage in differently in these interactions, eg, you spend more small talk time with those you trust.

Once you have the list of actions, start applying those behaviors to the relationships where you want to grow trust.

Use the basic mirrors questions to help you deal with emotions and challenges.

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