Battling with Cognitive Dissonance

Battling with Cognitive Dissonance

The conflict between what you know spiritually (internal) and your experienced reality (external)

Cognitive dissonance is a constant struggle for us on the spiritual journey, and it's a more constant companion as you surge higher.

Why? Simply put, it's because the volume and intensity of information you're asked to hold becomes bigger as your abilities develop.

The contrast between external experience and internal reality is therefore more extreme and gets more extreme with each layer.

Cognitive dissonance is a bit of a sticking point for a few of us right now I'm noticing on comments

For me, the journey to fix the big mess up in my life right now, requires me to experience very ego based human emotions that make me feel more human generally.

So first clarity is gone in contrast.

Yes we're still more clear than most others, but according our personal benchmarks of clarity, we feel chaotic.

Secondly, for a lot of us, we're discovering now, or will soon discover, that the leverage point of what was holding us back was a lie. So this shift has the energy of cheating and lying and fantasy.

The fact that there was a lie/fantasy at the root of all this is raising the subconscious question of: is everything a lie? Is anything we believe real? So it's raising doubt, which makes this a test of faith as well.

You're likely to have an ego death in there somewhere as well at the moment - a loss of identity of some sort, say a death or breakup or job loss.

More subtly it could be a status and energy change in the orientation of a relationship, eg friends instead of lovers.

Positively it could be an Ascension surge or moving into a relationship.

Ego deaths can be positive as you strip one piece of your identity away and replace it with another.

The messages and instructions received a few days back before all this was put into play seem far away: a distant dream. And my faith is more logical (repeated proof) than feeling based right now.

In other words I understand that I must follow the rules but I don't feel it. I'm sure this is why Masters create rules and commandments lol - so you know which simple things to do when you can't function with the clarity you're used to.

So this is definitely a you serve God or God serves you lesson as well. It's ego journey.

It is a bit backwards, as I'm still seeing many expressing parts of their personality and identity that are totally unexpected. We're being pushed quite far outside our comfort zones, asked to express aspects of ourselves that are foreign to us, that we've denied.

This is normal at the top of any layer.

The first 75% of any layer of learning is new information and revelations. The last 25% is questioning your already held beliefs - what you already know.

So for me, and quite a few the past few years, one of the big examples was religion. Many of us grew up having to express the rebel archetype in rebellion against our family's chosen religion first.

Personally I came from a very happy-clappy Christian household where church was required often. During certain stages we'd go as often as daily.

I grew up hating organized religion, like so many of us. And so I was surprised when the religious info started coming to me and I strongly resisted it.

It took a very long time for me to embrace it, but I attribute my biggest learning now to what I've gained from that. I've eve Christ Consciousness reach spiritual peeps who would never have embraced it prior to the AoA.

We hate questioning what we already know - and cognitive dissonance is another recursion of that experience: the energy of the world and the people around us are questioning what we know. That's a damn uncomfortable place to be lol :)

It's also the job... to hold what you know as truth, in the face of doubt (ego mitigation), without letting your mind snap; without going insane in other words.

That's really what the cognitive dissonance is: the dance on the edge of insanity.

We're here because we can do that. We're in the position we're in because our minds are strong enough.

But it's still okay to need support.

  • Go back to your notes and reread your statements and experiences. Do this to remember the magic.
  • Pray and meditate. Look for vague clues like you used to years ago. Look for closing loops as time reverses.
  • Accept that while we're processing these human aspects your connection and communication to Them will feel less - in contrast to what you're used to.
    Basically your human emotion you're processing creates a veil through which info can't reach you properly, or at least as clearly as you're used to.
  • Also dreams are nutty, a lot of timeline loops and dream loops are closing and tinnitus is off the charts.
  • So loads of water and do your shifting basics:

Why do timelines matter?

So that you don't beat yourself up! Same reason we do the check ins.

It's happening to lots of us right now - not at all personally aimed at you. It only hurts badly when you think it's aimed at you.

So cut yourself some slack until the end of next week, let the emotions cycle and release, and don't act or take things personally.

This releases in layers - and those will be dualities. Personally I feel almost 180 degrees turned around on most of the way I felt in my particular situation.

This is where my cognitive dissonance comes in - what I feel I want now is contrary to the instructions I received. The instructions are so far away it's hard to take them seriously.

Give it a few days lol... your emotional orientation will shift again if you let it.

One of the places you're delaying yourself right now is by wanting single serving lessons with days of experience on that lesson in between.

These layers of lessons can pass on resonance only, with no time delay of experience in between. So you can have multiple releases in a day - eventually they fall like dominoes.

A recent now one I'm seeing looks almost like a DNA helix: there are spiritual, physical and emotional lessons that all layer at once. So like 6 or 7 statements where there used to be one :)

Just be aware that you can throw yourself into shifting overload, so reach to a healer if you're feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

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