The Lack of Someone to Love

The Lack of Someone to Love

Twin Flames Break Up Update 2 of 2

When the first layer of this thought came through a few years back, it was just one of those nice insight thoughts. The concept was basically:

We don’t want someone to love us - we want someone we can love and are in love with.

How do we know this? Stalkers.

That’s what we call someone who loves us when we don’t return that love - a stalker.

You don’t want somebody who is in love with you, unless you are in love with them.

At this level of Twin Flame stuff though, that thought is horrible to accept.

For many of us there was this yearning for many years for this thing we didn’t really know was missing.

And then we met our Twin (&Twit) Flames.

The moment we connected and discovered the bond, well we knew what had been missing. And then we were aware of it all the time.

Life has been different since then…

Now, when that feeling of lack arrives, our minds know where we can go to to fill that feeling. And to not go there mentally is torture sometimes.

At the same time, we are enormous God souls coming into our greatest expressions during this spiritual renaissance. And what is God…. that collective word of love.

We carry so much love. And we carry templates for the new reality that are all love templates.

Our world is meant to be a love story, a world of love.

The greatest expression of that in our cosmos in fact.

From the very start, the whole of creation has been about creation and separation that leads to meeting, love and tantric union.

The joy of that unification is just so glorious we want to live it over and over in a thousand different expressions… or lives.

Earth is MEANT to be a love story - on so many different levels.

These templates we carry are the primary love stories that will populate the morphic field and create a new reality for the next generations.

We’ve seen this before…

Jesus took the ten commandments and changed it to Love God above all others and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

We put new ideas in, live our lives in certain ways…. these shockwaves then become the new stories available in the morphic field.

These become the patterns that people play out in their lives.

So we’re these enormous vessels of love…. and the loss of our Twit Flames means that we have nowhere to put our love right now.

That throat chakra and expression block we’re all picking up all the time? This is a big part of it!

Without a place to put the biggest part of our Godselves, our love, we feel stifled in our expression.

Then we jump to complete alone in our minds…. and that’s not the answer either. That’s what Jesus introduced and if it was enough we wouldn’t need to be here to change it.

Yes we love ALL, but there is a specific love that happens romantically.

There’s a precedent for this too in Judaism.

In Orthodox Judaism, you only have physical contact with the person you’re married to. LOL I can see a few pennies drop…. it did for me too.

My many past lives in Judaism have also led me to be a person who abhors and rejects physical contact from anyone but my romantic/sexual partner.

I didn’t even like hugging my daughter. For me, physical contact is limited to the person you are sexually involved with.

Anything else feels unnatural.

So we have this one special role in our lives that is crucial to our love and spiritual development - and there is no one there to love right now.

Life without love is a half life - a terrible life.

This penny first dropped for me when I asked for a divorce.

My ex-husband was my friend and companion, but I wasn’t in love with him. He was there and next to me, but I didn’t feel it, and I didn’t want to put my love there. So I left.

In my mind, we both deserved to find the love that completed us.

Living a half life wasn’t worth it.

If loving ALL was enough, if being complete alone was enough, if a half life of living next to someone you aren’t truly present with was enough, then the world wouldn’t be in the state it is in.

Marriages and relationships wouldn’t look as horrible as they do, and people wouldn’t so desperately need to find other ways to occupy their minds and lives and time.

You not only DESERVE, but you NEED a place to express your love in order to express yourself fully.

If you are in a relationship where you don’t feel the love for the person, then you are stifling your expression that way.

If you have just ended a relationship, then chances are that at least a part of the longing you are feeling is the pull to have a place to put your love.

If you have been single for a while, or in a long distance bond, or in the runner chaser cycle, then you are lacking a place to put your love and probably physical contact.

If you are desperately holding on to a relationship where the person isn’t present anymore, like obsessing over an ex, or experiencing unrequited love, then what you are probably lacking is a place to put your love. This person has just become your point of focus.

Keep coming back to this idea.

  • Start thinking about what it would be like to meet someone new. Go through those conflicts.
  • Open yourself to the idea that someone else could step in there and you could be happy again.
  • Ask yourself: if I met, and truly fell MUTUALLY in love with someone else, would I still be thinking about this person?

For years you have trained yourself into the mental habit of thinking about this person… of letting your mind wander to them when you need to express love. This is usually multiple times an hour LOL :)

Cut yourself a little slack and ask your Guides, Source, the Holy Spirit, Angels, whatever works for you, for help.

You cannot ask too often.

They exist only to help you. You’re in the in body experience - you’re the star of the show.

Be honest about your relationship.

Be honest about your needs.

Be honest about what you have settled for and what you need to change.

You only have one life, as you, in this identity.

Make the most of it!

Don’t settle for 70%.

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