Why don't people think?

The construct of society and media has reduced the amount of time they can focus - most can't even stay focused longer than a couple of hours.

In order to think, you need focus, long term staying power, patience, boredom (time to think), the ability to turn your inner voice off, the ability to face the thoughts that come to you without letting your ego offended at what you are seeing, and the ability to let go of stuff and not hold onto it in awe.

Also personal happiness and instant gratification.... people have no patience, and are not willing to look at anything in themselves that they deem less than perfect.

In order to think, you have to face all of yourself. ALL of yourself - especially the bits you do not like. In order to see a problem, you have to see the part you play and change that thing inside yourself.

In order to fight this on the money front, I have had to basically lose everything and go bankrupt - not many people are willing to face what thinking leads and entails.

So they think, realise the money system is the problem, but then realise that fixing it means that they won't have money either.... so they try to fit it inside ego.

Fitting any of the solutions into an ego based 3D world is impossible, and you land up with messes to face - like autocratic bosses that everyone is afraid of calling the staff "team"... it's a distortion.

They also can't see past the world as it is now... they think that this is all there is.

So we're coming up with solutions that offer sweeping changes, but they can't imagine anything actually changing, because their security of consistency must stay in place.

It's an ego trap.... thinking makes them unhappy and nothing must interfere with their personal happiness. And the immediate personal happiness is always instant gratification based.... they have no patience for long term solutions.

The real solution is to force the 3D all loving spiritual bypassers to study the info and content they avoid - free will, time, morphic field, patience, the dark... but we can't: they have free will too.

They're only interested in what serves them - law of attraction and twin flame romance.... and it's the incorrect application of these that are causing our issues we have.

As per ACIM, the conscious application of the miracle resource distorts the ability and destroys it over time. Also as people manifest, they don't manifest democractically... for the greater good; they're thinking only of themselves.

They sense all this, but only subconsciously, so they think that thinking is the problem and aim to be thoughtless.

Those of us thinkers that have faced the dark know you have to go through to get out. You can't ignore and bypass the stuff - you have to face it.

We know the value of thinking because it has returned rewards. They aren't even interested in learning how either, because everything we have to offer looks like sacrifice and takes away their immediate personal happiness :)

In a nutshell, they think that thinking makes them unhappy - and personal happiness is the only thing they've ever been taught has any value.

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