Ego, Desire, Loss & Sacrifice

  • In Surviving Cancel Culture we take a look at how your ego is likely to respond when you come up against the Outrage Mob.

    In addition, we unpack what it is you are probably trying to understand about their behavior.

    It's not curative, but it will help lessen the sting and the psychic pain you're feeling.

  • So yes.... ego deaths and emotional releases.

    I've noticed a few things about August, including that I either have a major Ego death or a major forward surge. Sometimes both.

    I've also noticed that it's a year since my huge Ego death last August. Go look back over your August patterns and see what you notice.

    I've also noticed that the movement from August shifting comes through in September usually.

  • Myths and erroneous beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving the powerful release of forgiveness in your life.

  • The 7Ps of Ego - Understanding Ego and Easily Solving Issues with Mirrors

    Remember Ego is all about separation and identity.

    Ego is the tool that enables us to break a larger soul into smaller, individuated pieces that have a complete identity. So it’s the mechanism of creation.

    Ego responses and emotions (what humans call Ego), is anything that makes you feel inferior or superior to the person or situation in front of you.

  • The 7Ps of Ego Question Wheel can be used to help you work through healing issues related to your Ego, and the Ego responses of others.

  • Let’s talk honestly about depression, suicide, antidepressants and ‘tapering off’ your medication.

  • The Big Spiritual Transformation & Awakening

    Being a Lightworker Voice & the Fear & Shame You Face... and How We Use Critical Mass to Change the World

  • Learn more about the Chakras System of the Cosmos & the 12 Dimensions of Creation.

  • The Chinese Clock & Meridian Cycles is a map of the 24-hour shifting and healing cycle that your body undergoes every day.

  • In this infographic, we look at the different Ego Expressions on the Left & Right of the Political Spectrum.

    As I've been trying to understand the whole race & political issue that's going on in the world right now, I mapped it to a few Ego models. Maybe this will help you make a bit more sense of what's going on between the two sides as well.

    Each of the Ego expressions has been mapped using Life Coaches Toolbox Ego Models: Ego Layers of Separation, 7Ps of Ego & the CHILLS Mechanisms of Ego.

  • The big spiritual lessons like non-attachment and responsibility equals power are big lessons for a reason; when you get them, you really do change in a big and visible way.

    From the outside, non-attachment seems like it can only be a good thing, but how can you really expect people to react when you resonate with the energy of non-attachment?

  • The dread of facing your 3D work and money obligations

    The 3D life that I lived in order to get me to my current spiritual evolution was - by human standards - a traumatic fucking train wreck.

  • The Ego Emotions Question Wheel can be used to help you work through your own Ego responses, as well as those of others.

  • The Emotional Chaos that is currently happening - 18 May 2017

    The world is really turned on its head right now…. chaos is erupting everywhere and things that have been stuck for years are finally starting to move.

    At the core of our digging, basically we’ve found that some (maybe many?) of us were stuck in alternate realities.

    So we’ve been doing all the work and seeing growth and information results, but not seeing the results trickle through into our lives. Basically everything was blocked from entering reality. You probably felt it in your heart chakra - and that’s what’s been causing all the emotional outbursts and release the last few days.

  • The Emotional Scale is a tool that enables you to gradually improve your mood, in a sustainable way, as opposed to a sudden leap that does not last.

  • The Five Elements Meridian Emotions Chart is a list of emotions linked to each of the Meridians, and the 5 elements: wood, water, earth, fire and metal.

  • In The Gift of Loneliness we take a look at why we experience loneliness as humans, and the other wonderful gifts that loneliness offers us in the human experience.

  • In The I Am Timeline of Creation we take a look at the Primordial Creation Story, as well as concepts like time being the space that turns thought into experience.

  • The Lack of Someone to Love

    Twin Flames Break Up Update 2 of 2

    When the first layer of this thought came through a few years back, it was just one of those nice insight thoughts. The concept was basically:

    We don’t want someone to love us - we want someone we can love and are in love with.

    How do we know this? Stalkers.

    That’s what we call someone who loves us when we don’t return that love - a stalker.

    You don’t want somebody who is in love with you, unless you are in love with them.

  • When faith is central to your life and personal journey, what lessons and experiences can you expect along the way?

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