Easy technique to accelerate growth

I use the fact that I achieve up to 60 pages of journal insights, or 100 aha moments, in a day, easily, to illustrate how fast it is possible for you to grow.

Clearly however people are missing the point.

So... it's possible to grow hundreds of times faster than what you are growing now. But you need to put some effort into making it happen.

That blunt enough? Lol

Like everything, this technique doesn't stand alone, and you should be doing basics like butterfly release and go ape daily to help your system cope as well.

But we're gonna zero in and give one simple technique here:

Find between one and three documentaries each containing content that you DO NOT agree with.

Try to make yourself as uncomfortable as you can with the content.

While you watch, aim to do the following:

Keep yourself calm - use yogic breathing and focus on your breathing.

Do NOT respond to anger, fear and other emotions - instead list them on a page as each comes up. If you feel anger now and then ten seconds later, write anger both times.

Notice how you zero in on specific facts that annoy you. Write these down.

Try to find points you agree with. Find examples from your own experience that corroborate what is being said.

On a third list, write the major points of each section and try to follow the thread. Aim to see the whole idea being presented.

Watch the documentary a second and third and fourth time. Notice how your reaction changes. Are you still as annoyed by each point? Does hearing it repeatedly take the sting of hearing it away? Has your understanding of the thread changed?

Watch the documentary and discuss with someone who agrees with it and someone else who disagrees with it. Discuss afterwards.

If you can, force yourself to debate the side you don't personally agree with. Notice how the experience is different when you aren't emotionally attached to the situation.

Pick something that really rattles you.

This is brilliant ego practice. Eventually you'll be able to watch stuff and disagree without having any emotional attachment.

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