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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
Why your spiritual path has been hell

Around the world over the past three years, and for most of our lives, spiritual journeyers have been going through literal hell.

Why does this matter and how does it serve the greater good we’re all working towards?

The saddest, most bittersweet moments for me on this particular spiritual journey we’re all on, have been the moments where I’ve spoken to lightworkers and lightwarriors about the lives they’ve experienced.

For me personally, I’ve reconnected with people who lived near me, who were going the same and even worse kinds of hell than I was, and we could’ve been there to help each other all along. We needn’t have gone through all the pain alone.

All of us have experienced pretty hellish lives though – and that’s what got me thinking originally: why the need for all the trials we’ve faced? Why have our lives been so hard?

Money is control

It’s pretty easy to see that the form of slavery we’re all in is money – it’s the control the establishment uses over us, and the carrot they dangle in our faces.

So first things first, we haven’t battled with money or manifesting money, we’ve mostly been blocked from it. It makes sense if you think about it – one of the reasons most of us work so hard and push so much is because we have to meet those financial requirements. Many of our best ideas came from needing to push to makes our businesses work.

Secondly, this meant we couldn’t fall into the trap of money and power and be infected by the dark. This kept our souls pure, because of regardless of how good we are, we’re all still human and fallible. We could easily have stopped pushing if our financial security needs were met.

The last reason you’ve been blocked from money is because we can’t fix the world on the same level of thinking at which it was created. Our lives have the been the test run and testing ground for this period now, so that we’d already have the genesis of the ideas of how to create an economy that is no longer money-centric.

If we’d been caught up in the money trap we’d be so concerned with protecting our wealth that we wouldn’t be fighting this fight with the masses. The reason we’re fighting so hard is that it’s a personal issue for us too.

You’re not a financial failure – you just weren’t meant to have financial success before this. In the new economy, business won’t operate according to the same standards anymore.

Why you had to fail

If you honestly look back, you’ll realize that the single biggest lessons from failure are: you will survive and this too shall pass.

Every time you go through a failure and make it out the other side you have a greater sense of internal peace, a deeper understanding that this won’t kill you; at worst you’ll feel embarrassed.

With so many people feeling like complete failures in just about every aspect of their lives right now, your knowledge is needed.

Every person you offer hope to, every soul you touch, every person you speak to: you offer them your wisdom and peace and insight, because you know that they will be okay. In essence what you’re doing is believing for them that they will be okay, so that they can start to believe it for themselves again.

The purpose of all our failures was so that our combined energies can create a web of morphic resonance that keeps the planet sane during these chaotic times – otherwise we probably would’ve descended into complete chaos already.

Our energetic balance of peace is what is balancing the world right now – that’s the benefit of knowing that this too shall pass. We’re riding it out and making it possible for the world to do the same.

We know what a shift looks like

When you’ve been through a lot of shifts personally, you start being able to see the patterns and procedures – which means you don’t panic as much when stuff happens. Eventually you don’t panic at all.

We know it often has to reach personal crisis levels before people take action – so we know it’s going to look worse before it suddenly gets better.

We know that there can be immediate miracle turnarounds and so we’re holding the energetic space that there will be a miraculous turnaround, something totally unexpected that changes the game for all of us. More importantly we know it doesn’t have to be a huge change, because we know miracles can be small too.

We know the value and power of forgiveness and we’re spreading the message of that miracle. If you open your ears and listen, you’ll be amazed at how many people are talking forgiveness. We’re holding the space for that miracle to happen, and it’s beautiful.

We know that shifts are painful and that you can be stripped bare – but most importantly we know that the breakthrough often leads to people standing right next to God. Once they’ve stood there and felt that, you know as well as I do that you are changed forever – you know where you once doubted.

Right now the world is far behind where we are in terms of understanding what is actually happening to the planet.

Your whole life has prepared you for this and you are honestly fulfilling a major part of your purpose by just making it from day to day.

Hang in there. I know it feels hard right now, and I’m going through it too. I really understand. Just by surviving each day you create the physical energy web that the planet needs to make it through all of this.

You don’t need to shoot out lights right now; this isn’t the time.

It’s enough that you make it to tonight and get to tomorrow morning. What are you doing is valuable beyond measure and every second of your path has been to prepare you for this now.

Thank you for your gift. It may not be this lifetime, but you will be rewarded.

Love & light
Chemory xo

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