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How to make holy water

Instructions on how to make holy water that you can use for cleansings and protection.

These instructions on how to make holy water are kindly provided by Shaman Jonathan of www.thesoulhealer.co.za

What you’ll need to make holy water

The ingredients you’ll need to make holy water.

  1. A rose quartz chip
  2. An aventurine chip
  3. As much tap water as you’d like to bless
  4. A pot
  5. A wooden spoon or wooden stick
  6. Sage for smudging
  7. A glass bottle to store the holy water
  8. Music to play in the background (Optional)
  9. A prayer you’d like to say (Optional)

Instructions to make holy water

The step-by-step instructions to make holy water.

  1. Begin by taking your sage bushel and lighting it so that it begins to smolder. Position the burning sage underneath the wooden spoon or stick you’ll be using, so that the smoke covers the stick and really seeps into it. Leave it to stand in the rising smoke for a while. You want the wooden stick as cleansed by the saging as possible.
  2. You may also want to sage yourself, calling your guides and angels to protect you and chase away all entities and negative attachments. If you feel it is necessary, feel free to sage all the implements you’ll be using.
  3. Place the water you’ll be preparing into a pot with the rose quartz and aventurine chips and bring them to the boil, allowing the water to cool down completely again afterwards. Repeat the process twice so that you boil and completely cool the water and crystal chips three times to represent the holy trinity (father, son and holy spirit or maiden, mother and crone).
  4. Once the water is completely cooled, take your well-smudged wooden spoon or stick and stir the water in an infinity symbol while calling down your guides, angels, guardians, deities and whoever else you’d like to have present, and asking them to help you fill the water with the positive intentions you list.
  5. List the intentions by saying: I fill this water with love, joy, happiness, protection, freedom, etc. You can list whatever feels right for you. The happier and more like these emotions you are feeling, the stronger the charge you’ll put in the water, so be in the best mood you can be!
  6. Once you feel the water is suitably charged, decant the water and chips into a glass bottle for storage. If you’d like, you can use paint or a permanent marker to write symbols and words onto the glass bottle.

Ways to use holy water

  1. Use holy water in a spray bottle for on the go protection that you can spritz anywhere.
  2. Sprinkle holy water over yourself and your family before you leave for an added protection boost.
  3. Clear your home and any areas that make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Use spritzed holy water to fix headaches and sore throats.
  5. Spritz holy water over your food and drinks to protect and bless them. This will keep adding to your overall resonance.

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