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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
How to navigate 5D unity energy

So the big part of the shift is over and now we begin to live by the new energy rules…. what can you expect?

How can you expect your life, healing and growth to change over the next few months and years, and what are the lessons you should be looking out for?

What is unity energy?

Up until this point in creation, time and space, we’ve been subject to the rules of creation. Everything has been about creating and expressing.

What The Shift actually means, in a broad nutshell, is that that energy is changing, and we are beginning the hairpin bend of creation to turn back towards ONE-ness.

Creation is a process of separating soul energy into a smaller and smaller pieces, so the balance of that is to remerge those pieces back into larger pieces and reach the whole at the end: ONE-ness.

The process we have begun on Earth with The Shift is the process of unification, which will help us evolve back to a state of Unity.

To understand more about the layers of creation, read http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-creation-unification-story-for-lightworkers

Duality Lessons

So the first big change that happened on the planet was duality lessons.

Up until now in your personal growth, you’ve always had one lesson or energy replace another. You went from being attached or clingy to being calm or non-attached. You may even have swung to detachment.

That has changed now, and you will notice it by the fact that you have not been feeling the relief from your normal single-serving lessons that you normally would.

So what’s changed under unity energy?

As we entered into this period, we began DUALITY lessons of ALL-THAT-IS.

In a nutshell, every lesson you learn is just part of a sliding scale of lessons, so the lesson of attachment and non-attachment are just two polarities of the same scale, and you lean more towards one side or another. It goes even further though, because attachment can also be on a scale with many other energies and concepts, such as detachment, clinginess, possessiveness, jealousy, neediness, disconnection – in fact there are literally thousands of these dualities in every lesson.

Every DUALITY is a:

  • POLARITY or opposite end of the spectrum, such as runner-chaser
  • CONFLICT, such as possessiveness conflicts the idea of detachment
  • CONTRAST, where one energy highlights another by their difference, for example clinginess in one party makes you very aware of detachment in another
  • COMPLEMENTS, where you have weird personality quirks that somehow just fit together, like one of you will be clingy in most areas, but exactly NOT clingy in the areas that your partner is.

So once you have the expanded list of dualities, and you start finishing a group of the lessons in a duality set, you begin to see the bigger picture: that they ALL exist together and all have equal importance.

You are always detached AND clingy AND attached AND possessive AND more – all at the same time. These are lessons of ALL-THAT-IS.

Why does this matter?

Earth is a plane of separation – in fact it is THE PLANE of separation.

Up until this point on Earth, everything has been separated, including lessons. Always single serving. Now we are beginning the process of evolution to unity, the process of unification.

In the unified part of the cosmos, separate ideas are not possible. In fact, over the course of the evolution you’ll discover that there is no privacy, no separation; no ability to even hold or think a thought that is contrary to the masses around you. It’s the equivalent of waking up every day to find everything you thought posted on your Facebook profile.

This is the first part of the evolution to a new level – our minds are being prepared first.

New Abilities

It’s also why there are all of a sudden a whole range of new abilities opening up – everywhere people are hearing voices, seeing things, getting messages and downloads and feeling bodily sensations that are totally new to them.

As our minds become even more and more interconnected, there will be even more of this. There will be certain people you can eventually have complete telepathic links to, usually primary twin flames.

This is both an amazing and horrible thing… first you will LOVE the connection that comes with it, but if you land up breaking up, it is hell to try and extricate yourself from.

No more working alone

Speaking of extricating yourself from a relationship, healing has changed to.

Part of the reason you haven’t been able to find relief? You can no longer do this alone. This is part of the END OF SEPARATION and the turn towards ONE-ness.

In certain cases, you will have to involve the other party in your healing, have an actual conversation with them, offer forgiveness and absolution, or make amends, directly in person.

Karma is the barrier that has held souls on Earth plane for so long, and the job of the lightworkers is to offer a way out of karma, so that souls can cross back to creation.

By bringing healing to the conscious and active level, we will be able to churn through what is usually subconscious stuff much more quickly, so releases will start happening in conversations between people.

By programming it into the morphic field, the Powers that Be have ensured that even the 3D souls who consciously reject spirituality and religion will not be able to avoid growing, and the Dark (who want to keep this plane separated) will not be able to circumvent or avoid it.

EVERYTHING is the original energy of creation, and what we do has to ensure the return of ALL the energy, even that energy that wants to remain separate. The recursion here is the prodigal son.

Sex & Tantric Union

Ego is the mechanism of separation and creation, and TANTRIC UNION is the mechanism of unification and unity.

Lightworker souls carry the energy of the urge to ONE-ness, and that energy between people is often confused as a sexual energy and attraction. Tantric Union is also the mechanism of creation used by the Elohim to create the planes and physical expressions of energy.

So sex is a major recursion of both creation and unification, the difference being the WHY you have sex, your intention.

If you are having sex to have kids (as the old patriarchal religions dictate you should be doing), that is a mechanism of creation. It is a way to ensure your immortality and continuity and trap you into more karma – you cannot help but have attachment to a child you leave behind.

And since your soul energy is your body energy, every child automatically ties a piece of your soul to karma – that’s where we get generational patterns from.

So the idea of having sex for procreation and creation is another karmic trap – and a major reason behind why so many lightworkers want a relationship, but not children.

Every child that is born undoes the work that we do, and effectively every soul would have to leave the planet in order that no one of us has any underlying karmic link. It’s why visions of mass deaths are so common – we know that we ALL have to return in order for our ONE-ness to be complete.

How does Tantric Union differ?

When the sex is JUST about the connection between the two parties, and purely to express love, especially on particular days and during certain astrological periods, it acts as a mechanism of unification, helping to speed up the process of unity on the planet.

Every time you and your lover come together in abandon and Twin Flame Tantric Union, you actively undo the ego in yourselves and in the others you are connected as an empath. You’ll notice this as people around you begin to reflect your ideas to you.

Tools to use

The idea that mechanisms have been simplified in the Morphic Field is an important one to understand, because that is where a lot of healing will take place now.

  • Sex
  • Conversation
  • Presence
  • Touch

You can effectively maintain a Twin Flame relationship at distance, but touch, presence and sex are going to dramatically increase your results within healing that flame.

Use every natural mechanism you have available to you – and trust your instincts.

This period is not about you becoming reliant on others for healing, it is about you becoming complete in your own right, as a valuable member of the whole.

The fastest way you are going to grow is if you abandon fear, doubt, vulnerability, shame, resistance, envy, competition, anger, judgment and all the other ego emotions, and you embrace the changes you are experiencing with curiosity and interest and engagement.

Yes it’s new, but it can be fun and exciting. So be curious and allow yourself the full experience. Trust the information you’re hearing, seeing and feeling, and test it!

Every single confirmation will grow your confidence and trust in your abilities.

Faith is GIVEN BY YOU and rewarded by Source.

You have to pay it forward if you really want to experience the range of your full abilities, to know yourself in your fullest splendor.

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