Huge EGO DEATHS happening (Lightworker Alert - Wednesday, 17 January 2018)

Lightworker Alert - Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Huge EGO DEATHS happening

This is why you’re depressed, suicidal and feeling worthless and like there’s no point to anything.

Please share this post and spread the word - it’s a bit ugly out there at the moment.

Hi Beautiful Souls

So I’ve written a bunch the past few days about the heaviness in the morphic field, the relationship movement, deaths and ego deaths…. but as you do when your head is foggy, people are missing the point.

January is a heavy month with a lot of shifting - and the ego deaths of "feeling worthless" abound.

It’s questions around: not fitting into the 3D world, not knowing how to create your future or what you want - and not wanting anything you see around you. And as you see those things around you, you begin to compare yourself to 3D standards - and then it all falls apart.

We are terrible by 3D standards, and this insight I had this morning sums it up perfectly:

Five years ago I used to dread not being able to pay my monthly expenses - now I dread the thought that I have NO CHOICE but to participate in the capitalist economy of money and greed if I want to be alive on Earth.

There’s NOTHING here that we want…. so when we reach moments like this and are feeling numb, it’s obvious that the question of "what’s the point?" comes up!

In addition, you are learning about DESIRE - and how FREE WILL does NOT mean that you desire to do something. You’re learning that you are a slave to your desires and driven by your desires.

This is a horrible threshold to cross over because it forces you to rethink everything in your life.

It’s also often paired with the ego death of “I don’t matter and my desires and wants don’t matter.” At higher levels it gets to “my needs don’t matter and my life doesn’t matter.”

So you’re getting this lesson of “my life doesn’t matter” and you wonder why you feel like “what’s the point?’… well because ego tends to PERSONALISE stuff like that.

If you think this life is all there is, and you are really the body you are inhabiting, then what happens to you in this life does matter - a lot.

If you know yourself as a soul, across many lifetimes, then this is just one experience in thousands of years.

And I mentioned higher levels…. you will revisit this lesson MANY times in the coming years - it’s not over in one go. You just get better at handling bigger and bigger loads of it…. and you’ll be so grateful for that down the line.

So don’t resist this lesson - go as deep into the ego death as you can drive yourself - here’s an article with instructions:

Accept that this is happening in layers and try to go to the furtherest layer you can reach.

Understand that you will purge emotionally - so feel like crap, cry, feel depressed. And understand that it WILL PASS.

See the thread, remember that all things pass eventually, and that this will not last forever.

Look at physical stuff and global energies. Are you near your period? How did you sleep? Did you do daily basics? How are the people around you doing and what are they feeling and going through?

When you personalize, you’re saying “this is all about the me that I am in this lifetime”.

So you look for reasons that are something that happened within this lifetime - something about parents, a relationship, your childhood.

If you keep looking for answers in that same place then you will keep finding the same answers - and you will attract more of the same energy to shift as an empath. This is why it feels like you’re running around in the same circle repeatedly.

Rather ask yourself:

Where do I feel inferior or superior to someone or something?

Which unfulfilled desires and expectations do I have?

What have I lost, sacrificed or had taken away?

How does what I believe influence me? This includes family, society, friends, religion.

How does this serve my soul? Am I moving closer to God or further away?

Where do I need to find balance? Where am I experiencing conflict?

What lessons am I learning from chaos?

What completely new ideas are challenging my beliefs and thinking?

You ARE NOT this body…. you are a soul that has driven thousands of other bodies, across thousands of lives, both on earth and in other planes.

You have the wealth of the cosmos to draw on inside you - and the price for entry is to leave your personalization behind.

You hold onto this identity and what has happened in this life like it’s a holy grail, but for as long as you are identified completely with who you are now, you will never be able to see all the other identities that you are as well - and experience the knowledge that lies beyond.

Personlisation is ego’s most insidious device…. either blaming you or telling you how important you (and your happiness and desires) are.

There will come a point when you claim happiness again - but you’ll take TEN YEARS (I kid you NOT), at least, off your journey if you master the personalization barrier.

Accept that your needs don’t matter and that you don’t matter. The peace lies on the other side of that.

And you will come to understand that the only thought causing you pain is the very idea that you matter and must be happy.

Let go of that and the biggest majority of your suffering will disappear immediately. I’ve seen it in myself and many others.

Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional.

Drop the personalization and you’ll be amazed at how you surge and how much easier ALL your lessons become.

And remember patience is TIMEBOUND - it means that you have passed THROUGH a period of time WITHOUT getting frustrated and angry.

The speed of thought, and how souls work, is that we go from experience to experience…. in human form, on earth, we have to pass the time in-between each experience.

That timebound experience gives you many gifts that you can ONLY experience here on earth - enjoy the experience. It’s why you came here.

Lessons are NEVER single serving - you’re always learning layers like faith, patience, trust, etc in-between. These lessons are the main purpose - the rest is just personalized content.

Don’t personalize and DO force the ego deaths. It’s how you make the most of these terrible-to-live-through periods.

It’s global - you’re just getting better at feeling spirituality and the morphic field. If you’re feeling it hectically, it means you are advancing. It’s a good sign - it means progress.

You just need to get through these bumpy bits for a little while before the answers make sense. And they will make sense - I guarantee it.

The point of all of this centering around the “what to do with our future” and “how we survive in the world”…. this is to force us all to think together to create the new kind of reality that we want to see.

We don’t know how to do that and we don’t know what we want, because everything that is in the 3D world is not something we want.

This is how it starts…. we all start thinking and trying stuff and putting ideas out there - and some will succeed and some will fail.

Our job on the lightworker mission is to work it out…. to figure out how to transition from where the world is to where we want the world to be. This is the job.

Your ego is going to try to stop you from doing this…. because to create the world we want, the hive mind of ego will have to go. Ego is literally fighting for its existence.

So ego is telling you that this is personal to you, that you’re useless…. because when you slip into that depression, you forget God, forget to pray, forget to look after yourself. You get distracted and focused on stuff to do with who and what you are right now.

On one hand you’re realizing you don’t matter so that you can see the enormity of all the other parts you are, and on the other you’re fighting to be recognized and special.

Accept that this identity is NOT the best of you, not the greatest; be willing to let it go. Then see the other parts that are truly great… you become your higher self when you let go of your earthly self.

And the way we keep ourselves tied to our earthly selves is by making it all about this identity - what happened, our childhood, our parents, family, friends, school, circumstances...

If you master personalization and patience, your lessons will become significantly more easy to tackle. It’s well worth the detour.

And even if you know all this, accepting that you don’t matter sucks, and it will hurt for a few weeks.

Go through it…. it’s just a test. And a few weeks will pass - quicker than you possibly realize.

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