Playing with your name

Playing with your name

This is a fun, light tool I just stumbled onto randomly ;)

Language & Phonetics, you’ll eventually come to realize, are massive parts of spirituality.

A key marker of spiritual development, in fact, is that seekers become more focused on words, as well as respectful of their communication, as they progress.

The reason for this is teaching…. past a point, you no longer can find a teacher. From then, you teach to learn.

You very quickly realize as a teacher, that you can only teach as well as you communicate. So, communication becomes a core focus area for you.

At a point, this will extend to the language: vocabulary, structure, phonetics and more.

My core areas of study, in fact, are all language studies: copywriting, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy.

The base of all of these is the structure and utilization of language, and the application of that knowledge into usable technologies - advertising or growth.

So onto the tool itself….

I was sitting here and thinking about the sound of my name, which, if you don’t know is Shemory, like memory. Soft shhh sound.

I got to thinking what other words rhyme with my name, and went online to google it.

Then I made a list of the most phonetically accurate rhyming words, and a couple of other near rhymes that jumped out at me, and then I researched the meaning of each of the words.

The list was surprisingly accurate.

  • Chemory - this has no fixed meaning, but phonetically in Hebrew (Shem-ori), it means Most Holy Name of God (Shem) of the Light (ori).
  • Emery - an abrasive naturally occurring material that is used for polishing and shining (Me, abrasive? Never! LOL)
  • Memory - mental ability and recall (I can see those who know me well smiling LOL)
  • Demaree - to remove the queen from a swarm of bees in order to prevent the colony form swarming (My power animal is the queen bee, and this speaks to my isolation and my disruptive nature)
  • Gemmary - of gems, a receptacle for housing gems (My gems of knowledge of course!)
  • Kemery - ruling planet Mercury (communication); a very loyal person who is sarcastic but serious (this one is literal LOL)
  • Stemmery - a factory or place where tobacco leaves are stripped (I will hurt you if you take away my cigarettes LOL)
  • Shimmery - shining, sparkling
  • Summary - brevity and the ability to summarize core concepts

This was fun! So curious to see yours if you decide to do it :)

Love & light always xo

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