The Money Problem Part 4 - The global impact & why is this happening?

The Money Problem Part 4 - The global impact & why is this happening?

The first thing you must understand about the money problem right now is that it’s everywhere.

In every country, on every continent, at every level of normal, middle and lower class, people are finding life expensive. Nowhere seems to be immune really.

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At the same time there are natural disasters happening everywhere in the world too, and as people battle to recover from these, business output has been lost, and global money movement has stalled even more.

It’s really global. And if you ask around, you’ll find it’s a lot closer to home than you think.

A business associate put it well: it feels like you’re running four times as fast to make a little bit less money than before.

And yet costs just keep going up and up and up.

The knock on impact of this will be that first small businesses retrench staff and then close down - which we’re seeing already.

The big companies last longer because they have some reserve and a larger client base, but eventually it will start impacting them too, down the line.

And it has, as we’ve seen with job cuts and losses the past few years.

We all want change and we want a different reality - but the process to get there is sometimes rocky.

You have to admit an economic meltdown is a good way to spur the global change we’re all so desperately wanting.

It’s like a dark night of the soul for the world - and any dark night is a trial by fire: it’s challenging.

The world is made up of people who each contribute a layer of thought to reality, so how do you create a dark night of the soul for the world? You do it by creating a dark night for multiple people.

Dark nights are often time bound, which means they will last a specific - and protracted (think years) - period of time.

In addition, a dark night of the soul will challenge you on EVERY aspect.

Doors and avenues will be closed to you and you will be running fifteen times as fast for even the slightest result.

Dark nights are full of ego deaths ( How to do shadow work - how to face your dark, shadow or ego - and Ego Death Basics - ).

Dark nights are also full of lessons about patience and faith - and those take time by their very nature. You can’t learn patience in a weekend LOL

When you ask for Divine Guidance and support during this time, there are a few things to keep in mind:

You serve God or God serves you

This entire time will be a lesson of you serve God or God serves you, and you will receive many challenges on this front.

It’s about free will ( ) and how free will fits into he picture of your spiritual journey and purpose.

Look for the doors that open to you - that’s how they guide you.

If a door is shut, don’t take it personally, and just move on.

Eventually you will find an open door. Listen for promptings about when to reopen doors that you previously walked away from.

Don’t expect big relief - expect small, ongoing wins that will keep you afloat, even if you lose some excess baggage along the way.

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The Money Problem Video Series Part 4 - The Global Impact & Why is this happening?

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