Quick Coherence

Based on the HeartMath process of the same name, this process will work across the board for everyone, and is easy to teach.

The Quick Coherence Technique Resource is a Free Sample Process

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Quick Coherence 

When I first learned about HeartMath and the Quick Coherence Technique I absolutely fell in love. 

It's versatile and easy to use, and using an overload of it will push you to heights of you cannot even begin to imagine.

This resource contains variations on the technique that I've used over the years, and the technique can be used before any process you run, or applied to just about anything you want to change emotionally or mentally.

This is also an amazing resource for managers who would like to incorporate these daily practices into morning meetings to stimulate staff bonding, harmony and practical functionality.

Visit HeartMath for more amazing free resources

There are a number of free resources available on the HeartMath website, and it's well worth a visit whether you're working on your own or if you're a coach.

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