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Calling all practitioners: a worldwide forgiveness healing session

So in order to heal the world and fix it, I think we’ve all realised that it’s time to stop talking and start taking whatever action we can.

One resource that we have available to use is healing sessions – and arranging a worldwide proxy healing session for the planet is something we can all band together and do at little to no cost.

I have a dream… in fact I’ve had it all my life. In the vision I see everyone in the world holding hands at the same time. The entire world connected.

If you’ve ever experienced the excitement and joy of sitting in a stadium full of people, can you just imagine what if would feel like to be connected to the whole world in that same way?

Practically it’s impossible though, because we can’t even reach all the people through media yet.

Distance & Proxy Sessions

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the idea of proxy and distance sessions very early in my journey.

In a nutshell, a proxy session is where you stand in for someone during a healing session or they stand in for you. A distance session is where the practitioner does the work on you alone and then sends you feedback afterwards: you don’t actually have to see them or attend an appointment.

Being the kind of person who needs to push the red button, I’ve experimented heavily with all the forms of healing I’ve been able to find over the years, including distance and proxy sessions. One of the most interesting experiments that I’ve done was to proxy for my entire family for everything that needs to be forgiven.

I’m not even going to lie or pretend, the session knocked me flat for days, and it was one the physically toughest sessions I’ve ever had to recover from afterwards, but it made a massive difference in our home and lives.

How would it work?

Basically what would happen is that every single practitioner of every spiritual healing modality that is willing to participate needs to make contact with the person that comes to them that shifts and heals and clears the most.

This part is important: it has to be someone who knows what to expect from a shift, and whose body is prepared for letting things go. Each practitioner should have one client like that – even if they are an old client.

We would then coordinate all the practitioners and people around the world to do a healing session where the only opening statement is that we are here to release the unreleased forgiveness for the whole world. Basically among us as a group (I will be one of the shifters), we’d take on the combined unreleased forgiveness load from the planet and shift as much of it out as possible, in one go.

My suggestion would be that all the sessions happen on a Thursday, so that the shifters have time to recover Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The practitioners will also probably be pretty hard hit by the intensity of the session too.

What next?

I’m honestly looking for as many practitioners and shifters as we can lay our hands on to participate – so please pass this article and message on to anyone that you know works in energy healing or goes for regular energy healing.

I am willing to host all communications and coordination.

If any of the spiritual peeps are interested and want to do something to help relieve the pressure spiritually, then please contact me. I will also connect willing shifters with willing practitioners where there are mismatched parings. If we have additional groups of people who want to help, we can support the sessions by arranging a forgiveness meditation over the same 24-hour period.

We keep saying it’s out of our control, there’s nothing we can do, but that’s wrong. If it was our personal stuff we’d go for a session, so let’s band together and do that for the world.

Please: shamans, practitioners, BodyTalkers, Resonance Repatterning peeps, coaches, healers, Reiki Masters… we have the power to do something, we can make a difference. Reach out, get in touch and let’s do this thing.

Email me directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in being part of this.

Let’s do what we can and make the world a better place.

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