What do signs mean?

What do signs mean?

Signs, signs everywhere... ;)

So loads of us have been getting lots of signs the past while, and I was thinking about the purpose of this flood of signs yesterday.

The first obvious thing that jumps to mind is hope: in the absence of results, signs keep you hopefully focused on an outcome.

And then it really hit me... signs are a mechanism or tool of subconscious manifestation.

It dawned on me a while back that the order in which information is revealed in a shift makes a difference.

So if you decide early on in a break up that your ex never loved you, it creates a veil of understanding through which you see everything else you think about.

This then leads to you looking for the proof of your belief in each memory and thought you have, finding the ways that your ex showed that they never loved you.

So from this you can see that when we come to a realisation or insight, it informs the way we look at the rest of the shift, and the way we're processing information.

So when you make a decision, usually by coming to a realisation or receiving a message, it informs the way you view the signs that are coming through, because you attach what you've already decided to them.

So if you'd received a message, or decided that things would work out in your favour, you'd see the signs as confirmation that things will work out in your favour.

So each sign causes you to send out a thought that supports your desired (or decided) end goal, giving you the repeated application you need in order to manifest that outcome.

We're so busy looking for the meaning that we don't see the process happening, but over time this ensures that we send out enough layers of thought to manifest the outcome into reality.

So signs are not about what they mean, they are about making sure that you manifest the decision you've already made.

So if you want to know what the sign is leading up to, look at your most immediate thought after you get the sign; the outcome that the sign presupposes for you.

Turns out that's what you've been manifesting all along!!

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