The Trump Thing & Forgiveness

The Trump Thing

In between painters, a flooded house and a crazy workload, I haven’t had much of a chance to get onto social media and media to see what people are saying, but the little bit I have seen worries me enormously.

Everything I have seen so far is people spreading messaging of hatred and fear – we’re going to create our own reality with this.

This is instant manifestation in action.

As Lightworkers we really do have a responsibility to find the best way out – and making people scared and depressed is not the way to do it.

As empaths, our role is to take negative energies and transmute them into the positive.

You do not always understand shifts and experiences when you see them, and often they look chaotic and traumatic. Please remember that. And please help the people around you to remember that too.

We will NEVER build a stronger world or humanity by spreading hatred and fear. Step forward and be a voice of reason, try to find the good and look for compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness Energy is High

So as we move further away from the spiritual grace period we were in, some of the older mechanisms are coming back into full play – and forgiveness energy is super high right now.

Forgiveness was different during the grace period, and there weren’t such big forgiveness releases on the personal level – stuff was much more cosmic. Now however, the older forgiveness energy is back – and if you have never had a major forgiveness release, I beg you to chase this energy right now.

When you’ve been shifting a while, you get to experience and starting chronicling the different kinds of shifts – and forgiveness releases have to be my all time favorite type of release. It’s an unbelievable surge and release at the same time, often accompanied by a reshimo (pulling down a spiritual lifetime – the kind of shift where you feel like a completely different person afterwards).

Forgiveness is a miracle that causes a collapse of time that means that future events do not have to occur to rectify a perceived imbalance (karma). So forgiveness does pull down a reshimot, because it eliminates the need for a redress of a karmic imbalance.

A few easy strategies for forgiveness include:

1. Ho’oponopono: hold the person in your mind, or look at a photo of them, and keep repeating: “I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.”

Say it even if you don’t mean it and keep sayign it UNTIL you feel a release. Even if you stop-start and do it in installments.

Here’s an interactive tool you can use.

2. Hand it over to the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit, I cannot find peace and forgiveness in this situation, so please choose for peace and forgiveness for me.

3. Imagine anyone related to the situation in the forgiveness release as well. I usually see them holding hands and I use white light to cover them and me completely in the visualization. I find that the circles of people have been quite big over this period. I’ve also had past life flashbacks.

So what happens if you have a flash or insight of say a past life when you’re doing this?


With every tiny bit of spiritual work you do, your intuition and connection will grow. The way to grow it from your end is to HAVE and SHOW FAITH in yourself and the info you are receiving by TRUSTING it.

Moving Away From The Spiritual Grace Period

Life has become decidedly more secular, with more 3D concerns and obligations, and I’ve seen that in clients too.

Now that we’re out of the magical period, it’s very easy to fall back into normal life and ego self focus. You have to fight to stay spiritually connected – because of the contrast of how easy it was to remember during that period.

Remember to do your basics – remember to memorize the processes and find a way to remind yourself to do them. I write stuff on my arms and set reminders on my phone and have post-it notes up all over the place to remind me.

Most importantly… make it a habit to hand over to the Holy Spirit – it’s the only process you’ll ever need if you do it properly. But yes it takes practice to trust it.

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