Ego and the belief in the physical body

Ego and the belief in the physical body

One of the reasons that physical healing miracles are held in such high esteem above other emotional healing, for example, is that it requires you to detach from the ego identification of the body.

What this means in practical terms, is experiences like: understanding that you have no physical body, and that the physical body, like everything in reality, is just accumulated layers of thought in agreement that the body exists.

Being in the body while denying that it exists creates an interesting kind of cognitive dissonance, I'm not going to lie. It's not an easy balance to maintain.

The breakthrough for me was the past few years spent actively losing weight, firming my skin and sculpting my body, using only my mind.

I dropped from a 22 to a 10 without diet or exercise. The loss was achieved through habit changes and manifestation only. I look younger at 40 than I did at 30.

This then became understanding of how you do distance healing and physical miracles, and I can even loop those distance processes back now to energetically heal even beliefs and emotions, etc, at distance.

What I didn't count on along the way was how it would impact my view of ego.

The ego info was arriving, while the experiment of controlling my body mentally was also taking place separately, so when they collided and became entertwined, it was pretty seamless - and easy to the connections.

The leap to understanding the body isn't real carries with it so many presuppositions, including the idea that a mental application of thought can permanently and instantly heal or cure a physical ailment.

Actually at its core, this is exactly what a miracle is: your belief creates a geographic space in the morphic field where that reality can realise.

So when you believe, the Holy Spirit gets an opening to perform the miracle. That's why the miracle worker's presence is required.

Your faith in realising the miracle is down to how well you handle the load of cognitive dissonance that the field presents with the belief that "the miracle is not possible".

So as ACIM says, the place of the miracle worker is really to hold the belief and the space for the possibility of that miracle - to believe it can happen.

In most cases that also requires not believing in separation, or that the body is real.

The more I look back, the more the belief that the body is layers of thought was crucial to understanding the layers of ego I've unpacked.

Lol.... maybe the solution is to teach them humans how to mold their bodies with their minds? How to look younger and sexier using only your head?

Use their ego vanity to lure them in and get them to realise the body isn't real?

How's that for trickster? LOL

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