How media and minority issues are used to distract you from the real truth

How media and minority issues are used to distract you from the real truth

Approximately every 40 seconds, someone somewhere in the world successfully commits suicide. Those are just the successful attempts.

Roughly, this means that 1-million people die every year from suicide, and that number is expected to reach 2-million by 2020, taking into account the rising trend of suicide.

The most alarming increases in the suicide rates over the past few years have the been the suicides of adult men, in the prime of their lives, related to financial pressure and issues.

Many of these suicides become murder-suicides when the desperation these men feel causes them to takes the lives of their wives and children as well.

So we have a rapidly increasing suicide curve, directly related to economic and financial circumstances, leading to the deaths of over a million people per year… but we’re talking about transgender issues almost non-stop.

The Transgender Agenda

Most estimates reckon that the USA has a total population of 700,000 transgenders - with top end estimates saying there are maybe 1,4-million transgenders in the country.

So more people die of suicide every year than there are transgenders - and yet all we hear about in media are the transgender issues.

In fact the transgender population is so small outside the States that you can only find numbers for the Stateside population - worldwide numbers just aren’t readily available.

And then there's hunger… someone dies of starvation approximately every 10 seconds around the world, according the World Health Organization, totaling at least 4-million people a year.

700,000 - 1,4-million transgenders in TOTAL that we know of (maybe) vs. 5 million people EVERY YEAR dying of hunger and financial stress.

And that annual amount is climbing rapidly - it will be 7-million a year by 2020.

What’s the worst that will happen to a transgender person if they don’t have sexual reassignment surgery? They’ll be sad, depressed and potentially commit suicide.

But we’re letting nearly that number of people commit suicide every year already. Every single year.

Why else do people commit suicide, except because they feel depressed, hopeless and powerless to change their situation?

If the personal happiness and preventing the suicide of transgender persons is so important and crucial, why do we not apply the same rules to other forms of depression?

If paying for the sexual reassignment surgery will make these people happy and fix the problem, then why we don’t give money to people who are depressed that they cannot feed their families?

Why is transgender depression more of a social issue than the fact that families are starving to death, and/or killing themselves on an ongoing basis?

Every year AT LEAST 5-million people die from issues that we can do something about.

Why are they trying to distract us with issues that are not relevant to 99.7% of the people…. when the only purpose this serves is the personal happiness of the transgender in question?

If personal happiness is truly so important, then why aren’t we helping with things like hunger?

Are starving people not sexy enough?

Look, there is definitely a place for minority issues - and everyone deserves the right to be recognized and live a good life.

But right now we have more important problems than the personal happiness of a very small minority group.

15 - 23% of the US population alone is on antidepressant medication. Are we going to start fulfilling every expensive personal desire of this quarter of the population as well?

At 0,3 - 0,6% of the population, why do transgenders get so much coverage, when their issue is depression and unhappiness with their personal circumstances?

I can’t think of anyone who is truly happy with their personal circumstances right now.

And if it was really about the happiness of individuals… why only such a tiny minority group?

Why are they trying so hard to keep you focused on stuff that doesn’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things?

What is it that they don’t want you to see?


Edit to original piece….

When I posted this onto social media as part of my distribution I received a very disturbing comment, which read along the lines of….

“…because nobody gives a fuck about white, caucasian males…”

I won’t lie - that level of ugliness took me by surprise.

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