So wow…. this has certainly been a rough and tumble period.

To start with, sleep and dreams are crazy! So if you’re managing to get any sleep, it seems to be filled with dreams. And busy dreams… dreams you need a day of rest to recuperate from.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve noticed a lot of dream deja vu-like moments the past while. It’s not the usual “I’ve dreamt this before” deja vu; it’s remembering snippets of dreams and seeing how they (kind of) relate to the moment.

Dreams you’ve never thought of before but suddenly that snippet makes you remember the whole long, complicated dream. Anyone else getting this?

Focus, clarity, workflow and practical functionality has been basically non-existent the last couple of weeks, although the flow did seem to improve over the weekend.

Reality Check Ego Deaths

So definitely noticed a lot of people having reality checks this last couple of weeks… thoughts like how is all this impacting my life, do I need to rethink my life, is what I believe real kind of thoughts.

These periods happen from time to time, and are an opportunity for you to see the reality of what you’re getting yourself into and make a choice about if you want to go further and bear the consequences.

They have to give us these opportunities - we live on a plane of free will. So everything has to be by choice.

It’s pretty pointless them giving us these though, because it’s impossible to leave.

So if you are considering chucking in the spiritual towel and giving up, here’s my two cents: you’re wasting your time. You’ll be back.

Past a point on the journey, even with the reality checks, you realize that you won’t and can’t give this up.

And if you try, you will simply waste a few days, weeks or months, before you come crawling back to it all.

This is who we are, it is what we do and it is what we came here to experience. When you pull away for a while, all you do is delay yourself and make it longer until you reach your final goals.

So don’t waste the time lol ;)

Themes & Energies

As usual, money again. The money thing isn’t going to go away - it’s really our best angle for creating a worldwide awareness.

So get used to the money worries and use the constant anxiety as ego mitigation practice.

My favorite tool? I come up with a replacement statement.

So when a thought of money anxiety comes up, I simply drown it out with the replacement statement…

The money situation is in God’s hands and we have nothing to worry about.
I gave this day to God, so anything that is happening is God’s plan.
Because the situation doesn’t suit me right now, doesn’t mean it’s not in my best interests. God always provides.
Thank you God that my problems are so small that I can see and overcome them.

When you’re trying to block thoughts of anxiety, the reason you fail is often because you try simply to push the thought away.

That will NEVER work - at least not until you’re far down the line.

The best thing to do is REPLACE the thought with something else that reaffirms your faith, and use the thoughts of anxiety as reminders to put out your thought of affirmation.

Remember - this is NOT a thought of manifestation or conscious creation - it is a thought of affirmation that God has got this handled.

It’s like meditation - everyone battles with proper meditation. So the replacement for that is prayer.

In Judaism and Islam, they use a formulaic method of prayer. You learn a prayer parrot style, and then you repeat it, almost as a chant or mantra.

This serves to keep your inner voice busy, and is therefore a much easier tool to use than blanking your mind.

This is why prayer is taught at lower religious levels, and meditation in the mystic schools.

The second big theme is I WILL NEVER GET WHAT I WANT.

Variations on this include I don’t matter, nothing will ever work out for me, I will never get what I want and I will never be happy.

This is a HORRIBLE series of ego deaths to go through, but you will be so glad you did it later on.

The advice for this? Go down to the bottom of the ego death - get down tot he lowest point of that feeling you can find.

How? Here are a set of instructions for you:

Shadow work is NEVER easy - this is where you are going toe to toe with your ego. And ego is fighting for its life.

Here’s the information you need to understand WHY you MUST do this ego death as thoroughly as possible:

This series of ego deaths speaks to PERSONALISATION.

The aspect of personalization is all about YOUR happiness, YOUR desire, YOU as the victim, what has happened to YOU, how important YOU are… can you see the thread?

At the bottom of this series of ego deaths, of realizing that you don’t matter, is the key to your ETERNAL HAPPINESS.

It’s only if you think that your happiness, as you perceive it now, matters, that you will get upset if you are unhappy.

It is only if you expect people to recognize you, right now, that you will be unhappy if you are unseen.

It is only if you identify as a victim that you can experience being victimized.

If, when something comes along, you’re saying: “well let’s see what God has in store here and how this is going to play out,’ then you give it time and wait and see what will happen.

If you’re expecting the money issue to be sorted out today, then when today passes you will be disappointed.

But if you simply took away the timeline of TODAY, then when today passed, without improvement, you could eagerly anticipate tomorrow and what that might bring. Instead you’re disappointed because YOUR FALSE DEADLINE wasn’t met.

The key to getting to the place of thinking though…. getting to the rockbottom of that “I don’t matter” ego death.

You REALLY have to resonate with - accept and understand completely - that you don’t matter for this to kick in.

This is what is meant by humility on the spiritual journey - not thinking that you matter, that your desires matter, or expecting results that match your demands and timeline. Humility on the spiritual journey is knowing your place in front of God, and in God’s plan. And it’s accepting that place.

So, when God decrees that you a re going to have a tough month, after you’ve already survived a bunch of tough months, you take it with a smile, confident that you’ll understand why later.

Or maybe you’ll never understand why and you’ll do it with happiness anyway - because that’s what faith is and that’s your place.

Conscious manifestation and law of attraction practice has taught us to DEMAND of the universe and God - to set deadlines and specify what we want, because we’re in charge.

This is true - until you hear the rest of the story, which is that the other option is to use our free will choice to serve God. And using it to serve our own ego desires is about as far from serving God as we can get.

The 3D world’s love of sound bytes and compartmentalized information is responsible for this.

A common phrase comes to mind…. Jack of all trades, Master of none. But when you dig further, that whole statement is actually: Jack of all trades, Master of none… but better than a Master of ONE.

Well that checks the picture doesn’t it?

We do the same in every area of life…. we leave out pieces of info and take only what we want. So we land up making mistakes because we were poorly informed.

It is not your place to know the whole plan… and to do so would make your brain melt and run out of your ears.

There’s a lot of info to know at God’s level… every being in every planet in the cosmos, that has ever existed at any point in time…. and each has a small part to play.

Can you imagine being the director for 16-billion parts? That’s Earth alone.

The sheer volume of information is not something that can be processed by our minds - it would be like trying to run information load of a supercomputer on an abacus. It’s just not possible.

What my journey of faith has taught me is that when you trust God, the rights things work out in the right way - even when they don’t make sense to you at the time.

So have a little faith…. in fact, GIVE a little faith.

Faith is a verb - it’s actions taken by you.

You choose to have faith over anxiety, faith over worry, faith over doubt. You choose to replace your thoughts with words of faith. You choose to take actions that support your spiritual journey instead of focusing not he immediate 3D world.

Faith is GIVEN by you to God. Faith is rewarded by God.

Choose faith - even though it seems impossible.

When you feel you just can’t - ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Holy Spirit, I don’t know what to do and I will never know what to do here. Please choose correctly for me. Please choose right thought for me. Please show me what to think, say and feel. Please take these ego identifications of the thoughts of doubt, fear, vulnerability, frustration, anger, inferiority… and show me what to think instead.

You cannot ask too often. You cannot ask too much.

Help is always there for you

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