Global Energy Check In & Update - 3 October 2017

Global Energy Check In & Update - 3 October 2017

Otherwise known as… what energy? LOL ;)

This one is a mixed bag, and I have various theories on that, including level of development and natural flip flops.

So from some I’m hearing big breakthroughs and surges, and feeling good, or reasonable.

A lot of others however are very tired and… blank. That’s been me and Ranoe, blank. Like someone took the lines down. Or switched our brains off.

If you are experiencing that particular symptom of blankness and brain sleeping - in the now-famous words… DON’T PANIC ;)

It happens from time to time…. I was thinking back on it yesterday and this morning, and it seems to happen at least once or twice a year for me. Usually around this time of year. Stuff always seemed to happen and move in life between August and November every year - I now know it’s triggered by Lion’s Gate and all the other dates around that period.

It’s a bit like a forced holiday honestly - and I know that that is good and necessary. But I also feel your (and my) pain - the contrast of no information from the intensity of downloads that we usually have, and the fact that the downloads always escalate in intensity, is terrible. It’s quite a stark contrast, and each year that you experience it, it gets even more contrasted.

But it will pass… it always does. And one morning (or afternoon), in a few days or weeks from now, maybe 2 or 3 weeks at absolute most, you’re going to throw your brain in a direction and suddenly you’ll be thinking again. Better than before. Faster than before. And within an hour, the fact that you were in this forced hiatus will be gone from your mind.

LOL…. here’s a great example that just happened…. my daughter said something to me as I was typing and I turned to look at her, heard every single word as sounds, and caught my brain trying understand the words, word by word. She gave me a whole sentence and I understood (and remember) nothing lol ;)

So if your mind has ceased to work and you aren’t getting downloads - it’s a forced holiday. Let your brain rest, something big is coming most likely.

Also seeing quite a few people very fatigued and tired, lots of weird dreams and general ascension flu and illness. From gastro stuff to teeth being extracted.

Ascension flu looks exactly like flu - body pain, headaches, stuffy head. Also your physical experience of the spiritual in your body goes via your lymph, so swollen lymph, a runny nose, etc, are also all commonplace. As is a fever and gastro symptoms.

If you’re on this lower end of the scale, you need to judge where you are and decide if the best option is to stop thinking for a bit, or if you need to delve deeper into your personal stuff to clear what you are experiencing.

It doesn’t matter how good you are as a healer, there will be times where your system is run down and you need help - so if you need help, reach out and get it. Sometimes you’re too flat and need to be cleared.

One thing you can do, if you’re feeling brave, is absorb the load of anyone else in your vicinity that is sick, or potentially sick, so that it’s only one of you down.

That way there’s always one of you to take care of the other. You may require the other party’s participation to allow it to happen - as empaths we often try to absorb the illness of others to help them feel better. The other empty that is with must ALLOW you to carry the full load of illness, and in exchange they look after you. Equal division of labour LOL ;)

Another thing you can do - if you’ve identified the core emotion of a shift, e.g. grief over a loss - is to dig deeper on purpose and force that energy to be shifted through the illness.

Fair warning if you use any of these techniques - it will make you physically sicker at times. So be prepared to ride the illness out for 48 to 72 hours and really feel like shit in that time - fevers and chills and throwing up and running tummy.

As humans, we’ve been taught so much that our personal happiness and comfort in the immediate now is so important, that we automatically reject anything that brings even the slightest bit of discomfort.

God is not afraid of pain or discomfort - EVERYTHING is of God, including what we traditionally deem to be bad in the human experience.

There will be stages and phases where you sit with the shift and pain and discomfort - and sometimes those will be extended. And they will be extended to teach you patience and faith.

Faith is easy when everything is going your way and you feel personally happy - but to keep faith, and keep loving Source, when you are not getting what you want, and you are literally suffering for your beliefs, that’s really faith. And it’s real hard earned faith.

To win that faith battle you have to keep TRUSTING and LOVING God, and trusting yourself. The moment you get angry at God and start with the “why is this happening to me?” questions, you are on the faith test.

The moment you get impatient and frustrated and lash out and do the “poor me” and “I can’t go on” thing, then you have reached the patience lessons. The job here is to stay happy in the moment, despite the fact that you are not getting the results you want. To stay positive that it will play out as God has intended. To be willing to face whatever you need to, until God is ready.

A final word, on personalization…

I had a chat with a client yesterday in which, when I said I was restless, she said, oh, that’s so odd, because I was restless too.

In fact by the time we’d gone through her statements, most of her statements were aligned to the global energies - restless, not sure about the future and money and what to do, worried about money, people around her ill, not feeling well herself.

However, instead of reading the posts from the last while, and seeing the parallels, she personalized by doing the following:

"Why do I always do this? Am I doing what I really want to do? Do I need to start a new business? Am I lazy? Am I a terrible person?”

Reading that, that seems rather gentle lol - it was more like…. "I must be a terrible person. I always do this.” For my own shifting, I tend to rephrase to neutral tone questions, so that’s where that came from.

However you get the point… she stayed wrapped up in her own stuff and found personal blame and victimization for energies that are global and impacting us all.

So the global energies right now:

  • Worried about money
  • Wondering what to do with the future
  • Wanting direction and a focus
  • Feeling uncertain
  • Loneliness
  • Wanting a relationship
  • Giving up hope of relationships
  • Discovering you are complete alone
  • Seeing mirrors and starting to understand the mirrors process

These energies are common to everyone right now and are part of the global shift - it has to get pretty hairy for the MAJORITY of people before there will be a case of the situation being forced to change.

The people that this will impact a lot is us - the changemakers, the agents of change. We came here to change this planet, so of course we will be in the midst of where that energetic change is taking place.

Knowing that doesn’t make it easier to suffer personally at all, I know that. I can only say, further down the path of this particular thread, that you will not look back and miss what is causing you so much pain to give up right now.

And what you will gain from this period - the lessons you will learn - those are so worth the journey you will take. But like everything, you’ll only fully understand it in retrospect.


With the energy so hectic, these won’t lift all of it, but they will make a dent and keep you sane.

This is a video of mini energy healing session with instructions - it’s a walkthrough:

The core basics are broken down on this page:

Do at least Go Ape and a Butterfly Release.

Here’s a whole playlist of feel good videos that are designed to give you a boost:

And a playlist of spiritual humor videos:

If you need help with a specific chakra, this page links to specific resources per chakra, along with educational videos and a whole bunch of chakra specific healing information:

Our current timeline is until 14 October 2017 for integration of the 23rd of September, and we should have more clarity from then on. Patience is a virtue.

Especially with all the glitches that are happening…. wow lots of tiny little things going wrong: like, as I went to go check moon cycles, the Internet died - completely.

Okay so there is a full moon in two days time - on 5 October. So that will also be exacerbating everything we’re feeling.

Daily planetary overview says: Did you know that productivity plunges when creativity is stifled? Express yourself! Write down every idea today. You’ll use them tomorrow. Today, affectionate Venus trines passionate Pluto and they get their cosmic hooks into you when romance rules. Singles can’t miss the signals given out.

So exactly where many of us are - creativity and productivity stifled, and loads thinking about relationships.

If you are looking for updates, you can always go backwards on my profile for that week or two previous, because I do monitor the global energies. Also the teaching posts are often what is prevalent in the field at that time, so those will unpack lots of layers for you.

Hope you have an easier day and manage to grow in light.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo

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