Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Spiritual Divorce

Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Spiritual Divorce

Okay Twin Flames…

If you are in a difficult Twin Flame that you want to bring resolution to, then use the following exercise.

By resolution I mean you want to break up, or walk away, or give yourself a clean chance of walking away.

You can also do this during this time where we’re clearing stuff to reset the Twin Flame bond and redo from scratch.

Here’s the nutshell: if your eye was drawn to this and you feel a pull, then you are one of the Twins that needs to perform this exercise.

There are a few reasons for this.

  • Some of you should have gone separate ways already.
  • You are supposed to meet someone new.
  • You’re involved with a False Twin.
  • The push-pull effect needs to be activated.
  • It will help you cut ties, cut cords and break bonds.
  • The next two are interesting.

First I noticed that some of the roles of flames (expressing or creating love) are reversed in perception in some relationships. This will help reset that to the correct order. The reasons are too long to type out lol :)

Second Ranoe picked up a very interesting recursion from the start of creation to do with trauma of separation that is playing out amongst us. We want to bring that all to the surface to heal it.

What will the effects be?

Likely Ascension Flu. Definitely exhaustion. Expect to shift a bit after this.

Also expect some chaos and to start hearing from people but try not to respond to anything - INCLUDING YOUR TWIN FLAME - for 72 hours. Processes like this make people respond, so don’t fall into the trap of the initial energy response - regardless of how impatient and frustrated you feel.

This is why we’ve had all these years of practice guys - you control your ego reactions so that they don’t get in the way of the process. It’s not easy to do - especially when time is warped like this. Three weeks can be an eternity. You need to honor timelines with this. The more in alignment we all are the faster this shifts for ALL OF US.

I’m trying to spread the load as far and as quickly as possible so that we move through the layers faster. I can’t change timelines though. I can just make good use of this timeline and try to make sure we don’t buckle under the pressure.

Do NOT make any harsh or sudden decisions.

Do NOT take any action - even if you are totally sure - until at least 3 days have passed. This is releasing in layers and chances are good you’re just responding to a current energy. If you’re wise, wait until end August. Yes really LOL - 3 months.

Do all your daily basics as often as possible please - especially Butterfly Releases.

Pray and meditate. And then… stop and listen. Listen for answers and insights and let the thoughts flow. Don’t edit them or judge them, just write them down. There’s time to understand them after you have the information - and get all of it. Often it’s layers that seem unrelated that build up to something bigger.

Understand how shifts work:

The Exercise for Spiritual Divorce from Your Twin Flame

  • I would strongly recommend grounding before and after you do this. So ground and center yourself.
  • If you already do energy and telepathic work for your Twin Flame then go to that space where you meet energetically and call them there.
  • If you have a proxy that you have used for healing work with your Twin Flame, then you can utilize that person as a proxy again. The connection will still be there.
  • If you have found out that your Twin Flame is using a false identity and false name, you must perform the statement with both names.

So stand in front of your flame energetically, or the proxy in person, and say the following statement out loud while looking directly in their eyes. When you say it out loud your upload it into the morphic field where sit gets activated.

If you are emotionally stressed and can’t connect energetically, start by looking at a picture of your Twin Flame and saying the statement over and over until you feel release.

{THEIR FULL NAME AND SURNAME} I spiritually divorce you across all time, space, creation, dimensions, realities, alternates, universes, and cosmoses. I release our connection across all cords, connections, layers and realities.

Remember to say both names if applicable and repeat the statement out loud a few times until you feel the energy change.

You must say this with intention and mean it. If you are doing this but thinking I don’t want to lose this person, the energy will be thrown out.

If you do this, be prepared to lose the person permanently and to have a massive change occur in how you feel about them. Also know that this can trigger them to reach out, so please don’t answer for as long as you can hold out.

You really want the energy to cycle so that you can see how you truly feel. In the first 72 hours you’re just feeling the contrast of the energy change, not the results.

Additional Resource - Dedicating Relationships to Holiness

You can do this both before and after the spiritual divorce. Do it after if you only do it once. It’s not a requirement because I know how everyone feels about the religious stuff still, but honestly, I would make it one if I could.

Do the prayer for dedicating relationships to holiness:

I desire a holy relationship for myself so that I may share it with my brother whom I love. It is not possible for me to have a Holy Instant without my brother, or for him to have one without me - yet it is wholly possible for us to share one now.

And so I choose this instant as the one to offer the Holy Spirit, that His blessing may descend on us both, and keep us in peace.

Holy Spirit, take this relationship and dedicate it to Holiness so that my brother and I may walk in the love of God, complete once again.


When you use this prayer, it invites the Holy Spirit into your relationship with your Twin Flame and opens the path for it to be used as a tool of healing. This can be applied to other relationships as well, but should be a requirement the moment you identify a Twin.

Inviting the Holy Spirit in after invites him into the new bond, post-divorce. This allows him to release and heal any details that need to be released.

Eventually you will be able to walk away or the process to start your flame sorting itself out will get underway. At minimum you should feel relief, but the contrast of the sudden energetic removal may cause you to panic. You may cry or feel ill or feel completely overwhelmed.

Wait 72 Hours

Wait for integration to go through - this is going to release a lot of layers of emotion in you.

You will feel very different in 72 hours from now if you apply this properly, but within the first 72 hours, you can expect just about any kind of response as your system reacts to this.

If you can give yourself time to rest this weekend I would highly recommend it.

Good luck and stay strong and reach out to a healer if you need help. Don’t let yourself sink down into depression or a breakdown or get sick. It’s not necessary. You are strong and you can do this. Ascension Flu always passes quickly.

All 3 Twin Flame Break Up & Reset Exercises

Love & light always
Chemory xo

<3 <3 <3 00 53 111 <3 <3 <3

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