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It’s not your life - the world is a mess right now

It doesn’t really matter what you read or who you speak to, almost everyone is experiencing some kind of life crisis right now – whether it’s financial or emotional or both.

Wow there’s a lot going on in people’s lives at the moment, loads of change and chaos. Here are a few things you need to know to help you stay sane over the coming weeks and months.

The world won’t stop because you miss a few payments

When financial stress and anxiety hit, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world, because your very sense of security is threatened.

Because it’s also a place that the majority people don’t usually have to face, it’s also filled with myths and misconceptions, the first being that it’s the end of the world if you miss a few payments.

The truth is that even if you do miss a few payments to creditors, there’s a process before they start taking stuff away from you, and it involves legal action and takes a good few months. So even if you skip a couple of payments, you and the world will be okay.

Even if you lose stuff you’ll be okay

Even if it does get really bad and you are a few months later and you’re losing assets or having to sell things, you will survive.

Try this: take your wallet out of your handbag or pocket. Put it down on the table where you can see it and walk a few feet away. Now examine your body: have you grown any extra parts? Lost any limbs? Are you dead? No? Then you’ll survive if they take your furniture and car and house too.

What makes it difficult to survive are the ego emotions you’re experiencing – vulnerability, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, guilt, anger, lack of self worth.

The ego is how they trap you

Ego is a horrible trap – and it’s really what the powers that be are using to keep you trapped in the system.

Every time you buy into the idea that it’s stressful that you can’t make a payment, you recommit to the system. It’s made you believe that you are nothing without money and stuff.

Like walking away from your wallet was easy to survive, you’ll survive anything that actually happens to you – you’ll just feel guilty about not being a good provider and ashamed for not meeting your obligations.

And anyway… Obligations to what? To whom?

You were born knowing in your heart of hearts that you are entitled to freedom and freedom of choice – you don’t owe anyone anything for the right to exist on earth.

The system just makes you believe that you do.

If everyone can’t pay they have to change the system

Right now the system works because everyone buys into it – everyone is scrabbling and struggling to meet every payment so that they can buy more stuff, and get more credit to buy other stuff.

If we reach a critical mass point where enough people are unable to pay their debt then the politicians and people in power will start listening. Revolutions are messy, nasty ugly things and there are casualties. This is a financial revolution – there are going to be financial casualties.

Complete economic collapse is the fastest way to change world

Everything that’s happening in the world right now is happening as a result of money; because of greed and money and the need for things.

Like any shift, people often only see that there is a need for change when they encounter a problem so big that they have no choice but to change it. That’s what’s happening – the financial problem has to get pretty huge in order for those in power to hear our cries or be forced out of power.

The old regime has to collapse in order for a new one to arise.

Take your power back

So you know you can’t make the payments next month, or the month after, because you have to buy food. So decide to be happy anyway.

Find new ways to entertain yourself. Go for a walk, take yourself to a park, gather at home with friends. Not everything in the world has to be lavish and overboard; your house doesn’t have to be enormous.

Live more communally, sharing with family and friends. Share what you have and give freely. The only way we’re really going to change the world is by changing the small behaviors we engage in on a day-to-day basis.

Let go of the guilt and ego emotions and look around you and realize that almost everyone is going through the same thing. Start talking out loud about all this and take away the shame and embarrassment and all the power that the system holds over you.

The moment we let go of the attachment to all this and surrender to the flow that is happening, is the moment that we will finally surge through and see the new world order we all so desperately crave.


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