Metaphysical Roles

Metaphysical Roles such as prophets, messiahs, seers, sages, magicians, mages, alchemists and the hekoya, trickster or sacred clown.


A Prophet is a mouthpiece for God and represents God's presence on earth, delivering direct information to the people from God.

Prophets enable ongoing communication and a bridge to God, disseminating updated information from the other side.


Messiahs differ somewhat in that the information they bring is related to individual spiritual journeys, at the level of personal identity, and is with the aim of fulfilling Jesus's original covenant to bring soul identities to heaven; to open and be a simple-to-use bridge that people can use to reach heaven and God.


A Seer is more about timelines than anything else.

They can see potential future timelines and which timelines are most likely to play out, and can often see past the barrier of choice that blocks the rest of us from achieving 100% accurate predictions.

This would mean that a characteristic of the Seer is the ability to see which choice is most likely to be made, and what the results of that will be.


A Sage is one who acts as an anchor for information in the morphic field.

In order for the field to be balanced, a small percentage of high vibration individuals must be on the planet, anchoring information about everything.

This is the role of the Sage, who also applies their wisdom to those who seek advice. The Sage reads and uses the processing power of the morphic field.

Magicians or Mages

Magicians or Mages are masters of manipulating the morphic field, as well as reading the energies at play in the morphic field currently.

The role of the Magician is to monitor and help maintain the integrity of the morphic field, taking guided action to help achieve balance in the field.


An Alchemist is one who takes emotional lead, such as your Twin Flame runner chaser pain, and turns it into spiritual gold, such as deeper cosmic understanding.

Hekoya, Tricksters or Sacred Clowns

Also known as the trickster or sacred clown, the hekoya uses pranks, trickery and digging into your stuff, even offending you, to help you achieve growth.

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