Kids, Selfishness & Irritation; Kidneys; Fatigue & Lack of Focus; Spiritual Journey Reality Checks & Recommitment; Internal vs External Validation; (Ego) Death & Resurrection; Big Level Ups; and Mercury Retrograde Downloads have started.

Hi Beautiful Souls

So if you were looking for me the past few days and weeks, I know I’ve been a bit scarce - I am sorry lol ;) Been busy with stuff and then really needed some downtime.

LOL as we’re talking and actively planning the Sanctuary, I keep thinking to myself how much I’m looking forward to living somewhere where I can take a practice of silence for an extended period. The more I embrace the ascetic lifestyle, the more value I see in it, and being able to do a month of silence seems so amazing for me now.

I remember, about 14 years ago, thinking to myself that at some stage in my life I would take a year and REALLY study A Course in Miracles (ACIM)… and I’ve done that now and it was amazing. And for Lent we gave up difficult stuff (milk and related products, bread and related products, and shaving), and that was easy to be honest…. the shaving got to me a bit in the end and I was grateful to shave again, but sticking with it was easy.

Also I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I could ever be happy with anything but a life of money, comfort and excess, but wow…. things look different when you don’t view them through the filter of ego’s desire hey?

Speaking of which, how did your Lent go? Did you make it through? Any thoughts on the next fast period and what you’d like to restrain yourself with?

Next fast/tapas period is Ramadan, which runs from 15 May this year, to 14 June.

So, yes, it’s been a BUSY period as you can see above from the keywords list!

Kids, Selfishness & Irritation

I do lump pets into kids because they are like that for many of us - and where this one played out for me was among my birds. So kids jealous and fighting and being noisy and generally getting in the way and demanding focus and attention.

This could also be a group of people, that look up to you, vying for attention, with bickering and politics among them.

Also a fascinating energy of one of a group of kids being clingy and underfoot. For me that meant I had Custard hanging from me all the time the past few days… I’d move her and she’d have climbed back onto me within a few seconds.

This of course led to irritation, which was then coupled with an energy of feeling selfish for not wanting to focus on them and wanting your own space.

Of the people I chatted to, quite a few fell into the guilt of selfishness. I had a different approach, obviously. LOL.

Each time it came up, I was reminding myself that we are their entire world - they don’t go out or do anything different. Their little setup and what we do with them is their entire existence. So I had to have compassion for them - in the end. Was just plain irritated the first few days lol ;)

Once I calmed down, the boisterous play fighting did not stop, but they did become more loving and less aggressive. Two of the birds are still being territorial over me though.

But I keep reminding myself we are their world - and getting irritated by them is akin to being rejected by God. It sucks.

So interesting worshipper level lesson there too, which I suppose is a God level lesson: understanding and having compassion for the experience of the worshipper.

Also an ego level lesson on how to attract ego… you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Explains why we couch this all in all-loving first and only introduce the truths later. If people didn’t believe that God loved them deeply, they would never move towards God.


Kidneys represent fear metaphysically… so if you were one of those with kidney pain or problems, look to the fears you have.

What do I fear?
What do I not fear?
What should I fear?
What do I wish would fear me?
Who do I fear?
Who do I not fear?
Who should I fear?

You can always break questions down by when, where, what, why, who and how.

When do I fear? When do I not fear?
Where am I scared? Where am I not scared?
What am I scared of? What am I not scared of?
Why am I fearful? Why am I not scared?
Who makes me scared? Who doesn’t make me scared?
How does fear impact me? How does lack of fear impact me?

In addition to the 5W&H, always flip dualities and ask the polar question to any question you ask, as above. You’ll be surprised at how we play out our resistance by asking a polar (opposite) question in the first place, when then polarity question we created second was actually the question we needed.

In simpler English, in case I fluffed that with my retrograde brain… you’ll often ask what makes me scared when you need to focus on what doesn’t make me scared kind of thing.

Your ego interferes by getting you to look for the opposite (wrong) angle. It’s one of the ways ego uses distortion.

We talk about the dark corrupting and distorting things, doing them backwards… this is an example of ego doing it on a personal level.

Remember ego is the dark.

Fatigue & Lack of Focus

I was originally planning to work over Easter, but the fatigue was crazy. I was exhausted all weekend.

Largely this had to do with the holiday energy - most countries had a long weekend, and so the world’s morphic field was in holiday mode. This made focus really difficult.

Second reason was Easter weekend itself and what it means - especially if you are at or near Christ Consciousness on your journey.

If this your first year with Christ Consciousness then you can expect this slump pretty much every year over Easter, so prepare for it. And don’t plan to go away on holiday over Easter weekend ever - you’re very likely to want the Sanctuary of home base during this energy.

I had planned to work (going against this advice), because if I force myself into it, and push through, I can often slide into a workflow. I failed miserably this time LOL. Energy was way too overwhelming.

The reason for the slump is the death of Jesus… he dies the Friday, and we go through an ego death. It might not always be the kind of ego death you’re used to though - it could look like a recommitment or just a lot of exhaustion and hibernating. Then when the resurrection happens the Monday, you resurrect too.

So it will always, at minimum, hit you as a needing to hibernate and rest period. Being at home will just lighten your cognitive dissonance load and give you privacy if you need to have a more traditional ego death or spend some time wallowing or releasing emotion.

Remember that we now entering the speeding up shifting period (21 March to 21 June to 21 Septemeber plus 3 weeks’ integration til mid-October), so the fatigue is likely to be quite constant from here to mid October. The boosts you need now are energetic.

In practice, this means that you need to ignore and push through a lot of the physical pain and exhaustion. It’s shifting overload you’re experiencing.

Also remember your butterfly releases daily -

Butterfly Release takes care of one the biggest ongoing physical challenges you’ll face with shifting, releasing your SB Junction. When you shift too much, it gets stuck.

Butterfly Release is a craniosacral therapy mechanism to unstick the bone, and will help you get unstuck as well. Often, feeling stuck in your journey is about the SB junction. Powerful little piece of knowledge to have if you shifting ongoing. So please use it!

Spiritual Journey Reality Checks & Recommitment

So I’ve noticed a few people breaking through the free will stage of reality checks and commitment - big yay and awesome well done to you if you have: this is a big level up! Proud of you.

What this means - and looks like - is the following:

Up until this stage of your journey you’ve made commitments to the next stage of your journey without knowing what that actually means and how it will play out in your world - both the good and bad stuff.

Now however, because you have advanced far enough, you get to see the bad stuff that could happen before you commit to a stage. What takes more time to get used to seeing is the good stuff - that takes a few go rounds of this before you start looking for the good stuff.

What’s happened is that you’ve mitigated your ego enough that you can control it now - even if it’s still a stretch to do so. Therefore, you are being shown the consequences because they know that it won’t chase you away immediately anymore.

Also you’ve started seeing enough about how lessons play out, so you understand that something bad now can turn into something good later on - and you’re not looking for the instant gratification. So you can accept that, for example, you will lose friends or a specific relationship, without it being the end of your world. So they show you it’s a possibility.

If you’ve reached this stage, go out and do something to celebrate it today. This is a big level up and you deserve acknowledgement for it. Reward yourself because you should be proud - this is a huge milestone. You’ll only understand that in retrospect, so just trust me and go celebrate it today lol :)

The advice for this stage is look for what the positive benefits and long term benefits of this could be.

So short term I don’t pay bills and I feel ashamed, but long term I move more into an ascetic lifestyle and learning how to live without money so that I can create a money free world.

Short term my kids are angry cos they don’t get what they want, but long term they learn patience and to appreciate what they get.

Short term I act the way people want so that they accept me (external validation), which makes them instantly happy and me instantly unhappy and leaves me feeling disingenuous, OR I stand firm in my beliefs (internal validation) and watch how God rewards me with more detailed information because he’s seen me prove that I can stay true to him.

It’s always a trade off.

With recommitting, always remember that it is better to say no if you don’t feel ready, than it is to say yes and break your oath. So if you aren’t sure you’re ready then say not now, I’ll try again later.

But if you feel you can push through then my advice is do it.

You can always say to God that you will try and you will give it your best shot, but that you might need help. And then ask for the faith to know that you will succeed and can succeed - and keep asking for help.

Internal vs External Validation

The internal vs external validation level up came to a lot of people this past week and weekend, so it’s worth touching on.

I repeat this often because it’s important: THE TEST FOR ASCENSION IS INTERNAL VALIDATION.

I can tell you this final test because you cannot fake your answer - you can either validate for yourself what is happening to you or you can’t. You can accept it or you can’t.

You can’t fake that resonance.

Internal vs external validation plays out in cognitive dissonance…. do you stand by what you know inside, that which comes from God, or do you bow to the pressure of what the people around you expect?

When it comes to choosing to listen and act, do you choose for God or the people around you?

You can only serve one, and you always serve one or the other.

The more you cater to people, the more you serve ego, because catering to them is catering to the demands of their egos. Just like people demand of God without giving thanks, treating God as if he is a servant there to fetch and carry for them.

Conscious manifestation and law of attraction anyone? Just tell the universe what you want and it MUST deliver - because God is BOUND to honor your free will and manifest what you create, if you create it properly.

They just forget to mention that this means you are rejecting God and treating him like a servant. We call this the Great Deception.

So, if you are not good at manifestation practice, it’s because you’re moving closer to God. It’s why so many of us battle with money and manifestation.

On the downside…. and there are always both down and upsides… on the downside, people are not going to like it when you stop catering to them. So this is going to turn into people rejecting you and problems taking place in your life.

On the upside, the more you listen to God and your internal promptings, the more God gives you in terms of information and downloads and understanding. And the better detail you get.

It’s a lesson of faith… you give the faith to God, and trust yourself to get the right answers and NOT let your ego filters get in the way, and in return God gives you better detail. And it comes more easily.

Because you have proven that you will stand firm.

So one hand yes, you face turmoil, but the rewards are faith, trust, patience, inner peace, security, self-trust, and surety. Knowing. I’d say that’s a fair trade lol :)

You can go through lessons energetically if you chase them and push through them as quickly as possible - this causes less life experience events to have to play out in your life.

It’s the miracle process: a miracle is a collapse of time that means that future events (arguments, clashes, break ups) do not have to take place in order for you to reach understanding. It’s a shortcut to a higher resonance.

So, if you choose to really forgive someone now, it’s a miracle that means that you don’t have to keep fighting with them for months, in person and in your head, to understand their point of view or why they did this.

The forgiveness miracle causes a collapse of time that means you don’t have to spend hours thinking about it and feeling generally crappy. That time can now be used for another focus area.

This also means that if you get through the lesson quickly, then you do not have to live out the experiences. So chase the lesson.

How do you chase the lesson? Mirrors lets you mine all the statements. Your job is to keep answering as many questions on the theme as you can within the first week.

Once you have the lesson and the resonance, then the life event experiences won’t need to be called into play.

Free mirrors of relationship tools at

(Ego) Death & Resurrection

So if you did have an ego death this weekend, as mentioned above, it was the death and resurrection energy.

Many of the ego deaths were linked to recommitment and level ups - and the ego death will happen because you have personal layers that prevent you from seeing the energy for what it is. You’re seeing it through those ego filters, which causes misperception, and so those ego layers need to go so that you can see it clearly for next time.

So it’s always the same energy arriving, but if it triggers your ego layers first, then that will cause an ego death.

They just keep coming back until you have cleared everything that stops you from seeing it.

You should have started feeling lighter yesterday and today…. if you aren’t then YOU ARE PERSONALISING - end of story. If you want to stop suffering, then you have to stop personalizing.

Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional.

So look for the relief and lightness. It is there in the field and many are responding already.

If you aren’t feeling it then you are stuck in your own suffering, caused by an ego layer you’re viewing this through.

SO FIND THE MIRROR or ego layer of separation!

That mirror is a layer of your ego that stands between you and the truth.

Who’s going to win that battle… you or ego? Who’s calling the shots here? Or are you ego’s whipped little bitch lol?

Big Level Ups

If you haven’t personalized too deeply, and you managed to pull yourself out of the ego death slump, then you’re probably noticing a big level up this morning.

Stuff you’ve been battling with for a while, you’ll suddenly understand. Concepts that seemed out of reach are suddenly easy…. why couldn’t you see this before?

This is a good time to laugh at yourself… it always seems so obvious once you’re there.

If you’re feeling the level up, then well done.

If you matched all or most of the symptoms listed, then super well done - you were linked to the morphic field and in sync with us, and experiencing field level lessons.

That’s a massive sign of how far you’ve moved out of personalization.

One major level up happening that is worth a mention is that a lot of people got their spiritual names in the last week or two.

So if you felt you got all or part of your name, then you were on cue too, yes.

Mercury Retrograde Downloads have started

So if you are feeling the level up then you’ll have noticed that retrograde downloads have started.

Retrograde messes with communication and you’ll still get that to a large degree, but the reason for that makes it worth it…. most of the time we are sending messages to God, but over retrograde the communication “reverses” and we get messages FROM God more intensely.

So that 24 weeks of retrograde and shadow becomes the periods in which you get your best messaging and flow, past a certain level of enlightenment.

I have gotten some real gems already - including one I’ll do a separate post on this morning, an experiential analogy that helps you understand how layers of thought in agreement create reality.

So watch out for that post straight after this one.

If that’s not a complete wrap, well it’s pretty close hey ;) LOL :)

Do a Butterfly Release and a Go Ape if you need - instructions on my site and YouTube Channel or just google the terms with life coaches toolbox and you’ll find instructions.

So if you’re looking for any of my stuff just add life coaches toolbox to the google search phrase and you’ll find it pretty quick - should be first results.

This is a great way to search the blog too - I know it’s huge, but each article is a layer of a shift, and sometimes you just need that layer. So get into the habit of searching phrases and terms with life coaches toolbox added to the search to find stuff on the site more easily.

Otherwise, learn to use the sitemap at

The sitemap contains text hyperlinks to all the articles and resources. The articles are all plainly titled, so pretty easy to move around.

There are over 1,000 pages of content on the site - tools and info to suit pretty much every need.

However, using the google search option and the phrase life coaches toolbox means that you search articles by content and not just title.

So make it an intuitive challenge to zero in on the search term and see what answers that leads you to. Just remember to add "life coaches toolbox" to the search query :)

And to end, I’m going to repeat the Butterfly Release link to make life easier on myself:

Some places you post pull the first link to create the linked item, and some use the last. Putting it in both places keeps you covered lol :)

There’s a random piece of social media posting advice for you ;)

Hope you have a good week - do your basics!!

Light, peace and harmony,

Amara xo

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