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  • 5 tips for raising star children +

    The new generation of children, star, crystal and indigo children, sometimes require different handling to traditional parenting methods. Here are 5 tips to help you parent your new age child. Read More
  • Advanced grounding techniques for spiritual journeyers +

    Advanced grounding techniques to help spiritual journeyers deal with the new changes in energy as a result of the global shift. As the global shift pushes through and we’re beginning to experience the changes that is has brought, many spiritual journeyers are finding it difficult to deal with the new level of energy and awareness that’s arisen. Read More
  • Battling with Cognitive Dissonance +

    Battling with Cognitive Dissonance The conflict between what you know spiritually (internal) and your experienced reality (external) Cognitive dissonance is a constant struggle for us on the spiritual journey, and it's a more constant companion as you surge higher. Read More
  • Favourite Quotes from the ACIM Urtext +

    A selection of favorite quotes from the A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Urtext. These are drawn from all seven books in ACIM. Read More
  • Going Numb on the Ego Journey - Why you need to create drama +

    Going Numb on the Ego Journey - Why you need to create drama Thomas Szasz has a few really good books worth reading, if you can get past the superfluous language lol :) One of my favorites is pleasure and pain. In the book, Szasz presents the following idea: pleasure is not a thing in and of itself, pleasure is actually the absence of pain. So in order to experience pleasure, you need the contrast of pain to know the pain has gone away. Read More
  • How to free yourself from the trap of karma +

    Until we redress our karmic debts, we’re doomed to be stuck on this earth plane. How do you free yourself from the trap of karma? Read More
  • How to protect yourself for lightworkers & light warriors +

    Tips and techniques that lightworkers and light warriors can use to protect themselves on the energetic level. Read More
  • No Cost Spiritual Quick Fixes +

    No Cost Spiritual Quick Fixes So just some easy ways to revive and feel better and shift faster. Read More
  • Spiritual Jargon that will greatly simplify your journey +

    This list of spiritual jargon and terminology will give you vocabulary for common spiritual experiences that you don’t necessarily have words for, greatly simplifying your journey over time. Half the difficulty with a journey like spirituality is that it’s so uncommon that we don’t have easily accessible language for similar experiences. The following list of terms will help you clarify and codify certain concepts so that you can more effectively communicate your spiritual experience. The simpler clarifications will also help you surge into a new level. Read More
  • The Creation & Unification Story for Lightworkers +

    The Creation, Separation & Unification Story for Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Twin Flames, Star Seeds & other Light Beings. Read More
  • The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius +

    The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius This is basically is an overview of the different kinds of lessons I’ve identified during the journey. Read More
  • The Lessons in Faith +

    When faith is central to your life and personal journey, what lessons and experiences can you expect along the way? Read More
  • The Levels of Lessons in Personal Growth +

    As a Practitioner in any of the alternative healing disciplines, from Reiki to BodyTalk and Life Coaching, you’re often faced with clusters of clients facing similar problems or problems in the same arena. The following model for the levels of personal growth is a life coaching model based on the PEMS Scale – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Read More
  • Understanding the Lightworker Mission & Roles +

    What does it mean to be a lightworker, what is the lightworker mission and what are you expected to do in your role as a lightworker? ESTIMATED READING TIME: APPROX. 10 MINUTES – 5,000 WORDS Read More
  • Understanding time, fate, choice & destiny +

    Understand time, fate, choice and destiny and how they apply to our spiritual growth. Read More
  • Walking between two worlds: experiencing practical 3D life on a 5D spiritual journey +

    You know things are actually one way and yet you have to pretend it’s another way to fit into society… welcome to walking between two worlds. What other kinds of experiences can you expect to encounter when you’re experiencing practical 3D life on a 5D spiritual journey? Read More
  • Walking your Talk & the Courage of your Convictions +

    Walking your Talk & the Courage of your Convictions So the theme for almost everyone I’m speaking to right now is, or is becoming, walking your talk. Pretty much what I’ve been talking about the last while LOL :) It’s huge isn’t it? That fear of what people will think of you. Will they think you’re nuts? Will they start avoiding you? Will they - horror of horrors - think you’re arrogant? Read More
  • What it means to be an empath +

    The word empath is a hot trend in spiritual and personal growth circles, and we have an idea of what an empath is… but what does it mean to be an empath? So yes… don’t know if you’ve all heard, but there’s this shift and awakening thing going on around the world. Have you noticed that? LOL I’m sitting here with a massive grin on my face because I know for a FACT that you’ve noticed it if you’re an empath. And it’s been a pretty bumpy ride the last little while hasn’t it? Read More
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