Global energies and individual expressions

Global energies and individual expressions

How the same energy affects each of us uniquely and how this creates a unique journey that is still standard and contains absolute truths.

When an energy is global, so present in the morphic field, it affects all of us to one degree or another.

So if you're higher up the human consciousness scale ( ), it means you impact a larger percentage of the population, but it also means you carry an equivalent percentage of the load to be shifted.

So on the first level, your evolution determines how heavy your load is.

The second layer of impact happens at the personal level, and is what we mean when we say lessons are unique to you.

Your lessons here are determined by the circumstances of your environment and the people and relationships that surround you.

A great example is the current twin flame theme in the field; one of the aspects it carries is ambivalence about relationships, sex and romance, and whether these are of value at all.

So lots of us are asking the questions of why am I in a relationship, do I want sex, why do I want a relationship or sex, do I really enjoy it, would I be happier alone? Etc, etc.

Now the individual expression steps in.

For me, who is single, and have been for a while, the energy is expressing as a bit of disgust at the idea that I might ever actually have sex again - the lesson is a massive insight into the ego identification of sexuality and the ego trap of special relationships. It's hectically reconfirming my belief that I will remain single for the rest of my life. Disgust at the idea of sex doesn't even begin to cover it.

For another person I'm working with however, the same theme has turned into a culling of close friendships and family bonds; there was no close romantic tie to call on. The closest relationship to romance was a friendship that this person subsequently ended. So the lack of a romantic focus point (person) meant that the energy rolled over into friendships and family.

A third example is someone who suddenly is experiencing initiating sex during sleep, and then being disgusted when they wake up. Again ambivalence about relationships, but manifesting differently because the expectation of a sexual bond exists in the marriage bed nightly. The presence of a marriage and romantic focus meant that the energy became focused there.

Someone with an unhappy marriage for example, may feel this energy as a desire or opportunity to cheat.

Someone who has not yet reconciled a break up may experience this as intense longing and grief for the lost partner.

It's always the same energy, it's just the expression that changes according to what is around you in your life.

Even if the exact same experience happened to me, and I was waking up initiating sex and then rejecting my partner, the experience would still be unique to my partner and I - we would use different words, be focused on different content and issues, and experience different emotions to anyone else, because our history is also different, and this has shaped the elements we'll focus on.

This is one of the ways we mean the path is absolute and completely unique to each person.

 Even if someone lived exactly the same life as you, with exactly the same order of events, they still would not necessarily experience it in the same way.

Your experience is always unique, but the events, themes and lessons are often absolute and standard.

 But the way all of you coalesces to collide with that event, theme or lesson makes it unique to you - and it will never be able to be repeated twice.

This is one of the powerful lessons you learn from your time spent in the artistic fields on your journey - it's almost impossible to recreate something exactly the same way twice.

 It's actually standard to create something completely unique and new every time anything is created.

 And free will is the key mechanism that enables you to have that power to create the new in every single moment.


Peace & light always xo

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