Stress and emotional eating

Stress and emotional eating

People often try to fix stress and emotional eating by applying rules to food.

If you don't want to eat because you're triggered by stress and emotion, then clear the stress and emotion away.

You won't need to overeat if you're feeling at peace, secure and rested.

And it's a permanent solution to the weight.

In fact, the reason you can't lose weight is you haven't cleared the emotional layers that caused you to want to protect yourself in the first place.

Gaining weight is about ensuring survival - the fat stored in reserve sustains your body.

If you felt secure, you would not need to worry about securing your survival in the future.

The security would also stop a second aspect of overeating: the constant craving for food.

Food is something that's easily accessible, and when you're eating, the instant gratification assuages your fear that you won't have food.

You can't think about being hungry when you're full and chewing in other words.

But eating is about chewing and tasting, which is an in the moment experience - when you swallow, you are done with the experience of eating.

So in order to keep the fear at bay, you need to keep eating.

What you're craving is the feeling of relief from the fear.

That's why you eat everything and nothing satisfies you, except in the moment.

So your body keeps craving food, any food, to get you to chew so that you know you're got stored reserves that cater to the immediate future.

The relief of the fear being lifted overrides the discomfort of being too full as well - so you land up chewing way more than your stomach is designed to take, or normally takes.

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