Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths - part 2

Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths

We are bad at seeing liars and lies

As you progress along the journey, you're going to cross through certain one way barriers of understanding.

You've experienced this before with big aha moments of realisation: suddenly you think in the new way and can't imagine that you ever thought the other old way before.

What you'll realize later on is that this is because paradigm blindness works both ways.

Paradigm Blindness

Paradigm blindness is your inability to see beyond, to anything you don't understand or resonate with.

Like some people just can't see certain aspects of you because they've never experienced it themselves, you can't see certain aspects of them because the barriers you've passed place you on the other side of paradigm blindness.

A good example is someone who has never done anything magnanimously accusing you of being selfish in intent when you do something.

Because they've never had experience of true generosity of spirit, and have always had an ulterior motive, they have no memory inside them to reference.

No reference point means they can't remember what it's like to be generous, because they've never felt the energy.

Because they've never felt it, it must obviously mean it doesn't exist, because their internal experience (created by the bank of memory they have to reference), limits them to only seeing what they've previously directly experienced.

This is how your past experience influences and shapes you

If you saw a clown the first time and got a fright, then your natural reaction to clowns becomes fright.

If you reframe the experience to include another happy experience, then your internal reference system can choose to react with either fear or laughter when encountering a clown in future.

This is why you drive straight away after an accident again as well.

The more emotionally intense a situation (eg accident), the more of an impression it leaves.

The memory with the most intense impression will always get chosen first. This is called an active memory.

In the case of reverse paradigm blindness, our honesty as empaths makes us particularly bad at spotting liars and lies.

Time and caution are no guarantee of success either, because we build trust in the person and begin to compensate for them.

Once we're operating at the speed of trust, it's easy for liars to cover their lies: we want to and are willing to believe them.

Trust the red flags

If you get a creepy, weird feeling, or spot a red flag, get out quickly before you get too emotionally invested.

You have multiple twin flames, not just one.

If this one isn't right for you, then move on and meet another BEFORE you activate the twin flame bond.

Once that bond is activated, it is almost impossible to break away... or even want to break away.

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