What's the most offensive thing you can think of to say to me?

What's the most offensive thing you can think of to say to me?

 Let her rip - you have free reign to say anything you want about or to me, and I will leave it posted and face you.

The point of the path I teach is inner peace - that means that the circumstances around you don't shake what you experience internally.

Be prepared that you will get my honesty in return.

I advise you strongly to read my responses from an emotionless tone, if you know how to do it. It would seem pretty emotionless and factual if I was speaking it to you, in fact.

Please get to the point and don't pussy foot around - if you think I'm a roaring bitch who should be shot, say so. You don't need a novel to convey such a simple point.

Also you're insulting me - it's not about your story or examples. No fluff, get and stick to the point.

To save some time, let's get the usual suspects out the way, i.e. Your insult needs to be more original than this list.

*I'm arrogant

*I'm bitchy/mean/cold/distant/aloof/scary/intimidating

I'm sure I come across as these to certain people, but I've also seen the results. I've also seen the flipside where people who get up close say "I can't believe I ever thought that about you" or "I don't understand why people think that about you."

My energy is big, I am intimidating. You notice me when I walk into a room. It's part of it.

When you get to a point of needing my knowledge about how to navigate this part, you'll understand. Until then, I have to accept that people think this of me.

I have made the conscious decision to forge ahead to complete my role. That comes with sacrifice. This is one of those sacrifices I'm willing to make.

*I don't care about people

I don't care about people's instant gratification - I care about people's long term spiritual development.

So I will piss you off right now in order to help you long term. I'm willing to be the bad guy.

*I don't respect people's journeys

I absolutely respect other's journeys and don't believe you need my help at all. I fully believe you're capable of doing this alone, because I did it alone.

I simply offer my services and shortcuts to those who want them.

I don't understand why you want me to change my journey to match yours?

Please leave the group and go find a teacher that is right for you.

*I'm a know-it-all and not open to learning

I am a know it all - it's kind of my spiritual role to be one. I store information.

I've had years of practice and I'm confident - and I'm not looking for anyone's validation.

I'm okay with you disagreeing, I just don't want to be around that personally.

I have a right to surround myself with people on the same journey as me - and there are a significant number of us.

We're asking that you leave us alone to do our thing.

*I have no right to call myself advanced

You're absolutely right. So why are you here then?

If I'm a crock and a liar and have nothing to offer and am not advanced, you should leave and tell everyone you meet to stay away. I'm okay with that.

So do your worst please :P

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