The social and alternative media censorship and clampdown

The social and alternative media censorship and clampdown

Lightworkers - Here’s an action you can take to make an immediate difference

So if you run a group, or a page or channel on social media, you’ll have noticed that numbers are down and weird stuff is going on.

In a nutshell - they’re clamping down and starting to heavily censor the free thinking content creators.

This isn’t news to most of us - and we expected it somewhere along the line - but it is happening now, and the latest tactic is something that we have the power to fight back against.

Many of the voices and teachers that are out there are scraping by financially, and one of the ways we’ve put income in our pockets is Internet advertising revenue from websites and YouTube channels.

For many content creators, this can be a very solid form of income.

So far we’ve seen Facebook deleting group and community members and followers, blocking posts, censoring content and locking people out of their accounts, with YouTube and other social media platforms following suit.

The latest blow against us on this front was delivered by AdSense and YouTube this morning…. YouTube has raised its criteria for when you are allowed to monetize content - you now need a certain threshold of subscribers (not easy to get on YouTube), combined with a certain number of viewing hours.

It’s odd really, because monetization is achieved on views…. and many channel owners will more than achieve the viewer hours threshold, but they might not make the subscriber count threshold - especially if YouTube is also pulling the trick of deleting fans, followers and subscribers.

So what can you do?

Traffic through these channels - on all platforms, social and otherwise - and websites, is crucial for many of those who are public voices.

I’d like to stress here that I am not including links to my platforms, because this isn’t just about me - it’s about ALL the content creators out there fighting on the frontlines to bring their piece of the puzzle. If you’d like to follow me specifically, look for Chemory Gunko or Life Coaches Toolbox.

So what you need to do is get out there and go onto ALL those platforms belonging to YOUR favorite alternative and spiritual media content creators, and send some traffic their way.

Go onto websites, view content, use tools and gadgets, read articles, look at ads, and click through when an ad appeals - play ethically please. Don’t just click randomly. Content producers earn per ad view in some instances, and per click on the ad in others.

Go onto all their social media platforms that you belong to and become a follower or fan. Subscribe to the channel wherever you can.

Follow the page or person, add as a friend if you need to, and then turn notifications ON so that they show in your feed.

When you go online to social media, choose where you go and ONLY use your feed as a LAST RESORT.

So once a week, or more, if you can, go onto the pages and groups you belong to, and read something there. Go visit the links and go back to their websites and pull on the info and send some traffic their way.

The Dark thinks we have no ways to fight back, but it’s wrong. We have numbers, and knowledgeable technical people.

Many of us KNOW how SEO and analytics, etc work. So let’s put that into practice.

Everything that is done in the world of the Internet is run by a coding algorithm…. so we use our numbers to screw with that algorithm.

By sending more traffic to those people, groups, pages, profiles and websites, you activate other algorithms that will help those content creators achieve better reach and generate more revenue from advertising income - which many of them are relying on to live, and to continue doing this to help YOU.

The websites that you’ve seen close down over the past couple of years - those big sites you used to frequent for content….? They closed for exactly this reason.

This is something you can do, and it costs you nothing but a little bit of time.

So please get out there and help the content creators that put their necks and livelihoods on the line to ensure that you get the knowledge you need so that the world can transition into 5D.

Support them, subscribe and follow, join communities, like pieces, visit the sites and share the content out on social media if you are brave enough.

It’s scary to speak about all this, to speak your truth and to stand for light…. but that is what we are here to do.

If you are scared or ashamed that people will find out, then create an anonymous Google profile that you can use to follow these people.

Many of them are going to need to get views and subscribers up and will need help with that - and you can bet less traffic will be coming their way in the next while.

You can make it easier in terms of staying afloat, and staying alive, for these brave souls, with just a few likes and follows and subscriptions. That’s all it will take.

Please take the time do this and help the content creators stay ahead of the curve on this uphill battle we are starting to face.

I strongly urge you to please take the time to ACT on this.

Every little bit counts, and every single person makes a difference.

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