What is a relationship?

What is a relationship? A true relationship is three things:

  1. An agreement that creates a connection of thought layers in the morphic field
  2. A permanent place or space created for the partner's identity
  3. A revelation of the self to the partner

1. A mutual agreement that creates a connection of thought layers in the morphic field

It takes two layers of thought in agreement to create reality.

So there has to be an agreement in thought from both sides to make the connection in the morphic field.

This creates the bond or cord - the space between the two parties where their energies meet and the relationship takes place - you, me and US.

2. The person must make a space for your identity in their life and vice versa

When a soul identity reveals itself to God, God creates a space for that identity to be maintained.

This is what Jesus meant with heaven... a space is held in the cosmos to maintain your identity permanently.

When you meet someone, you make a place for them in your life.

  • You tell other people about the person.
  • Your family and friends know you're involved.
  • You get married and share a name and home.
  • You are legally bonded.

You get the idea.

Simply put you are a visible presence in the other person's life. There is space and acknowledgement.

This is a core for many parent-child relationships.

The parent sees the child as a possession and doesn't make space to welcome the child as its own individual.

If you weren't welcomed into your family, this is a birthright issue.

It's also where the recursion stems from that we should offer hospitality/Xenia and welcome strangers... you make a space in your world to acknowledge the identity. You give it a place of honor.

3. You show yourself and vice versa

A relationship is showing your true Godself to the person in front of you - letting them see your most intimate parts and letting them step into your grace.

So the three requirements:

  1. Was there a mutual agreement?
  2. Were you given your rightful space in the person's life, acknowledged and accepted publicly?
  3. Did the person fully reveal themselves to you? Were there lies and suspicion?

This next part is hard...

For me it meant realizing that only the thought agreement existed in my relationship. So realizing my relationship never existed and wasn't real.

Because my Twit Flame was already married, parts 2 & 3 never realised - and those were the core of what I was fighting for: acknowledgement of my role and to be told the whole truth.

For those where this is cycling to parents:

  • Did they welcome you?
  • Did you feel wanted?
  • Were you included?
  • Were you heard?
  • Were your needs acknowledged?

  • Did you know your family?
  • Feel safe around them?
  • Trust them?
  • Feel supported?

Many of us were denied our birthrights and not wanted as kids. It was a major stumbling block for us.

Likewise you often hear the comment: I want to know my parent/child.

It's not easy to accept that a relationship wasn't real, but it does make it easier to walk away or fix when you know what the lacks are.

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