The Value of Daily Basics

Of everyone I have done healing for in the past weeks, every single person is not doing their basics.

The enlightenment threshold was fascinating for so many reasons that I'm honestly still processing, but the awareness of humanity and how the whole system works was priceless.

At the point of the big ego death, I literally saw my life flash before my eyes - but I wasn't dying as such, so it had time to play out like a movie.

One of the really, really, really BIG lessons from that experience was the realization that I could have crossed this threshold a DECADE ago.

I kid you not. This could've all happened ten years earlier.

What held me back?

Taking shit personally, lack of faith and lack of commitment.

So taking shit personally we tackle all the time - that's mirrors and ego mitigation.

Use the basic mirrors questions to help you deal with emotions and challenges :)

Lack of faith? How often are you praying?

I find that these kinds of habits are best tied to something else, e.g we pray when we get into the car each morning. Combining it with something else makes it easier to remember to do.

Another habit I have is to do my daily post while on the train. Things fall over when you try to isolate time for them.

Also what do you pray for?

Try praying for faith, or to be shown what true faith is. Or pray for the day God would have you have.

Lastly commitment.

This is a journey measured in years and decades and lifetimes.

Even if you do all the daily stuff daily and go for healing and shift your stuff nonstop, you're still looking at years. Just a lot less of those years.

Trust me, you'll be grateful for that when you don't have to reincarnate again.

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