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  • So many of us complain about not being able to sleep at night because our mind is racing with thoughts - especially when we’re feeling anxious and stressed.

    Why do you battle to sleep when you’re stressed, and what can you do about it?

  • This post is about faith and why we have it; the experiences that have led us to this place on our spiritual journey.

    This is such an important post and I didn’t know what to title it honestly…. titles have never been my favorite. I’m far too literal and factual lol. I don’t do story and fluff well at all.

    I’ve spoken a lot lately about faith by seeking, in other words faith that is earned through the experiences on your journey, vs faith by conversion, which is lazy faith, because you ride on somebody else’s experience of faith.

    However…. while I am not a fan of faith by conversion, because I know you need the experience in order to really cement it for yourself, the truth is that very few people did actually seek across their lifetimes, and most have only come to know themselves spiritually in the past few years, in sudden awakenings.

  • On shift days like these your body is working overtime to get the old emotions, patterns and beliefs out of your system, it has to use the natural mechanisms already available to you - because that's how your body works.

    On a practical level, this means that if you have to release aggressive energies, you feel aggressive and angry.

  • Why Electricity Has Us Wired Up... it's elemental ;)

    I've had over 60 failed email delivery notifications.

    I've had a sewing machine blow up (smoke and all) - and then continue working!!

    Machines and programs quitting unexpectedly.

    Screens glitching.

    Static electricity is everywhere!!!

  • At a certain point in your spiritual development you start looking for shortcuts to growth.

    It’s often here that you discover why forgiveness is the ultimate personal growth tool to have in your arsenal.

  • Why seekers hibernate and alienate people

    Theme: Complete alone, continuation of acceptance

  • Money and spirituality are uneasy bedfellows, and the truth is that many, if not most spiritual types have financial anxiety, worries and concern, and just can’t seem to get their lives together in that arena.

    So why do spiritual people battle with money? The answers might surprise you.

  • Carry Water, Chop Wood

    There’s a Buddhist Koan that reads…. before enlightenment, carry water, chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water chop wood. Wow that makes so much sense now.

    Life changes in weird ways with enlightenment – and yet so much of it stays exactly the same.

  • Why can't you forget your ex - or do you feel like you shouldn't forget him or her?

  • Why you feel uncertain about the future and can’t make decisions

    We tend of think of stress as a vague umbrella term and we tend to focus only on major life experiences when we think about life in terms of being hard and stressful.

    While the past few years have certainly had their share of big life changing and global events, where it really nailed us was in the small, repeated stressors that were thrown at us – it’s almost like we didn’t have time to recover in between.

  • Why you need to wait and be patient right now - 5 June 2016

    Also covering the concepts of subjective truth, the spiritual path and free will

    So wow - have the energies ever been moving the past while.

    The last post where I said wait was the post where I’d hit the realization of wanting to teach Ascension only. No romantic inclination or interest.

    That feeling was mirrored by practically every single women I ran into and spoke to this weekend - and many of them were shocked that they were now feeling like this after wanting a relationship for so long.

  • If you regularly go for energy healing sessions like Reiki, Body Talk or Resonance Repatterning, you might have noticed that things have been tougher to shift the last few years, and there are certain things that you just can’t seem to make headway into. Here are a couple of different approaches for you to try.

  • Around the world over the past three years, and for most of our lives, spiritual journeyers have been going through literal hell.

    Why does this matter and how does it serve the greater good we’re all working towards?

  • What are the subtle signs you can look for to tell you when you are pushing too hard and it’s time for you step back and take a breather before you burn yourself out?

    Our society hugely values busyness and being busy. Years of running on that treadmill conditions you to get busy and be busy in order to create movement.

  • The really crappy thing about being an empath is that when people are feeling stuff, you are too. The thing about us though is that we are stronger than most - and we stay determined to be good positive people.

    Yes we're taking strain right now, but others are feeling it worse than we are because they have ZERO coping skills at all.

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