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  • Medicine vs. Natural Healing: How Quickly Can your Body Heal Itself? takes a look at a recent healing experience I went through.

    After absent-mindedly cutting my finger quite badly, I recorded the evidence of the healing. This is the second injury like this I've had this year, and I didn't record the first one!

  • Messianic Lessons

  • The Metaphysical Healing Meanings of Teeth covers Metaphysical & Meridian associations for each individual tooth, as well as the Chinese Medicine Five Elements associations.

    These are super handy to have around and are really handy when you want to zoom in on a physical symptom's root metaphysical cause for the purposes of healing.

    One way to handle the knowledge afterwards is to take the theme, and head on over to the free interactive Healing Question Generator Tool, and answer questions with this theme in mind.

  • The Metaphysical Healing Meanings of Common Physical Ailments, Body Issues & Organs, covers many of the more commonly occuring physical illnesses and body issues that people come up with in healing situations.

    A chart like this is always handy to have around... I know I reference mine constantly. So I wanted some pretty ones! That's how this set happened!

  • The Metaphysical Healing Meanings of Mental Health, Psychiatric, Mental & Emotional Issues focuses specifically on the healing meanings associated to psychiatric, psychological, mental health, mental and emotional healing challenges that people face.

  • The Metaphysical Healing Meanings of the Spine & Vertebra covers the individual nerve and metaphysical healing associations for each vertebra.

  • Metaphysical Roles such as prophets, messiahs, seers, sages, magicians, mages, alchemists and the hekoya, trickster or sacred clown.

  • The Mirrors of Relationship Healing Question Wheel is an abbreviated set of Mirrors of Relationship Healing & Coaching Questions, for when you need a quick reference set.

    While a quick reference set can be handy, don't rely on it. The reason you haven't broken through is that you haven't found the right thought yet - which is probably because you're ignoring the correct question as not relevant. When you really get into your stuff you'll realize all the missing answers lie in places you considered irrelevant... so go to the free question generator tools and shift this properly instead!

  • The Mirrors of Relationship Infographic by Life Coaches Toolbox lets you see the whole Mirrors of Relationship healing modality in one view.

    The Mirrors of Relationship covers all the areas you need to look at when processing a shift. This is an understanding of the lessons you will typically find in a complete shift.

  • Use the Mission Statement Formula to create a powerful and impactful mission, vision and purpose statement.

  • Morning Prayer for Lightworkers

    Today I ask only for the day that God would have me have. Ask whatever you want of me.

  • Moving house clearing

    With so many people moving house, don't forget to clear your old space before you leave and cut all the cords.

    It actually helps to tie a bunch of cords (pieces of string or wool) to something in the house, like a doorknob or windowsill, and then to your wrist.

    • You can then cut them and leave them behind for the new owners to pick up.
    • Alternately you can burn them.

    Once you're in your new space, do a sage clearing as explained in the video below.

  • A chart detailing the Negative Feelings & Emotions that Stem from Unmet Life Needs.

    Use this chart to help you verbalize what you are feeling, and to find language to help you verbalize your emotions.

  • Messianic Lessons

    You serve God or God serves you... this is the theme of Messianic Lessons right now, and it all links back to free will.

  • No Cost Spiritual Quick Fixes

    So just some easy ways to revive and feel better and shift faster.

  • The ego trap of special relationships contains, as a presupposition, the concept that you can have a shared life or experience with anybody.

    This is an outright lie.

  • I often caution you guys not to act immediately, because it's usually the best option.

    When you are shifting, your body uses the same mechanisms as it does for memory and emotion. So when an emotion or experience is releasing in a shift, you'll often feel it as if it is in the now.

    But it's not reliving or staying - it's just the finalrelease, or the biggest release.

  • Notes on Identifying Narcissists

  • Notes: Ego in society discussion

    Part 1 of the discussion on Ego in society - notes for all the main areas, tied to my personal shift.

    Not something I’d usually post, but group members enjoyed it.

  • On confidence as a healer

    Why do we feel inadequate to teach or heal people, and yet we still get results?

    Shouldn't we be completely realised and have solved an issue before we help someone else with it?

    This belief is a normal teaching block.

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