Betrayal, Empaths & Narcissists

Betrayal, Empaths & Narcissists

As empaths we seem to magnetically attract narcissists.

I'm still in two minds as to whether there is a twin flame push pull aspect at play here: the purity of the empath further escalates the negativity of the narcissist maybe?

I have seen twin flame push pulls where the extreme held by one can empower the other to achieve further on the duality, eg, a very career focused spouse offers a base to be very spiritual.

So there may be a correlation between twin flames and the empath/narcissist pull - we attract them to purge their obvious darkness and ego? They become pure in our light maybe?

Nonetheless, we do attract them... and often our lives and minds and hearts are left in tatters when the dust settles.

We tend towards healing, which effectively means that we're always looking for the aha moment of release: the thought of understanding that enables us to achieve inner peace, releasing the situation from our emotional awareness.

With psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists however, you can often cycle through statement after statement after statement, and there's still one niggling doubt or concern left lingering.

Often the thought you can't reconcile is why would they do this? How could somebody do this?

That's where the following piece of advice comes in:

A narcissist with a victim is like a cat playing with a mouse.

The mouse is in pain, petrified, being tortured... and the cat thinks it's just a toy and game.

The mouse thinks how could you do this? Where's your conscience? Can't you see my pain.

The cat doesn't even notice.

When you deal with narcissists, you want to assign them the love, compassion, understanding, respect, loyalty, dignity you assign to yourself and others, and so you ask assuming they have those aspects to them.

The truth is that most of these people are shallow and empty and only feel thrill from hurting and devastating and controlling others, and from seeing others confused and in pain.

Many of them are incapable of feeling the love and compassion that we're capable of - and that's how they can do it.

Ask yourself why you would NEVER commit an action like that, and that will give you an idea of what the perpetrator is missing.

They can do this because you've given them more credit than they deserve to start with.

We're guilty of that as spiritual folks - seeing the best in people. It makes us easy prey.

And it's difficult to open yourself to greater love and trust when people can be so immeasurably cruel.

You're an empath. You'll come through this and your light will shine brighter in the end.

Sometimes the answer is just to accept you trusted someone you should never have, and despite your intuition you got played.

Ask yourself why you didn't want to see what you were shown and validate the ways that you already knew you were under the spell of a narcissist.

It's important to separate the spiritual journey and lessons from the personal experience of pain, so that you don't accidentally reject the gifts you gained on the journey as you distance yourself from the soul in question.

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