Ego Deaths & Suicides

Ego Deaths & Suicides

Global Energy Check In - 20 September 2017 & about 23 September 2017

Hi Beautiful Souls <3

Lots of feedback on souls that are:

  • Undergoing major changes
  • Experiencing loss - death and relationships and work Having mental breakdowns
  • Having manic or severely depressive periods
  • Feeling suicidal

We're slap bang in the thick of this and this is where your discipline and habits come into play.

Don't personalise!

If you're feeling sorry for yourself or feel like a victim, then you're personalising.

The emergency default way to handle all of this is to hand over:

Call on your guides, the Holy Spirit, your angels, whatever works for you and say:

I need help here please. I don't know how to do this for myself, but you do, and I trust you to help me. Please help me release these thoughts of pain. Please choose for peace and forgiveness for me.

Like everything you have to trust when you do this - and you can't pray too much. I recite this as a non stop mantra when I need to.

The most important thing is that you don't keep running the anxiety thoughts in your head over and over again - you have to drown them out.

Ego deaths

When you're in this state, the best thing to do sometimes is force the ego death.

So take that thought that is running around in your head - even though it's difficult to stomach - and repeat it over and over and over and over and over - as many times as you need to.

As you repeat it, a few things will happen: first the fear of the thought will disappear as you repeat it and desensitize yourself.

Secondly it will naturally evolve into a new statement. Like you'll suddenly say a word wrong.

So if your statement is something like I don't matter, then the evolution could look something like:

  • I don't matter x 6
  • I will never matter x 2
  • Nothing I do will ever matter x 2
  • I will never make a difference in the world x 4

At this point your statements may change, continue unpacking or you will suddenly reach a feeling of peace.

This is a VERY common ego death we all go through - and it's a crucial one.

Another big one is: none of my dreams will ever come true.

I can't explain the value of these ego deaths to you - you will have to let that unfold for yourself. But we all have these; you're not alone.

Ego deaths are not a bad thing - the journey is to overcome your ego.

So don't panic that you feel peace with what you term a negative belief - you're just owning the resonance that already exists.

It will be a few years before you see the value of this lesson really - but you will be grateful for it down the line.

Remember to do your daily basics, especially the butterfly release.

The butterfly release will prevent shifting overload and help your physical system keep pace with this energetic onslaught.

The four tools listed on this page are easy to learn and you can use them anywhere and anytime you need help. Even when you're alone.

The next few days to 23 September 2017

There is a massive amount of energy movement driving these life changes and it's making us want to turtle for the most part. Everyone seems to want to hide.

We have no idea what is going to happen for sure this weekend but I honestly keep seeing indicators of sudden mass deaths and suicides.

Suicide deaths are rising dramatically, and the energetic changes They're making are creating terrible cognitive dissonance that people at lower vibration can't survive.

So basically they're raising the whole level of the morphic field and people at lower levels can't handle the new resonance.

I honestly think we're likely to see something like a massive surge in suicides and sudden deaths again the next while.

One I say this to warn you, again, and secondly because we're death bridges: the energy could get heavy quickly if a lot of souls start departing.

So if the energy does get heavy suddenly - don't look for personal reasons. Remind yourself to think global energies first.

Thirdly - if you feel suicidal, here's what you have to do: delay. Just don't do anything for 24 hours. Set an alarm for 24 hours later - if you're still suicidal then, then you can deal with it then. It never lasts that long. Just make it through.

We're all ready for some major visible change, and there are indicators that say that maybe we could get that.

However like most changes, this is bound to be an energetic shift. So the weekend could horrible energy, or a nice high followed by an emotional crash early next week.

If something does happen to separate people or stop communications, then stick with your basics, as linked.

There isn't time to learn everything you need to between now and Saturday, so just make sure you've memorized these resources so you have them on hand. Maybe download the page?

Dates usually mean that that is the time when an energy starts or is introduced, so Saturday is likely the start of a period, although movement may happen from tomorrow, which is Equinox.

Don't beat yourself up, don't take shit personally. Try and stay near home and away from people. Do your shopping before the weekend.

I'm seeing big changes to the morphic field - and when we're through this period I can explain how that cool stuff all works - and people will react to those changes.

I'm seeing seekers and journeyers really battle - the pure egos don't stand a chance.

People will be hypersensitive and on edge and so will you most likely, so just keep the sparks away and it won't start a fire

We're all restless and downloads are quiet and our minds feel quite blank at times. They are resting us a bit.

Expected the unexpected, and most importantly remember this: the role of a miracle worker is to create a thought of belief that says that the miracle is possible.

So basically they need our belief that it can happen in order for something to be able to happen.

Choose to believe that the Gods can walk among us again, that we can have heaven on earth. Believe with everything you have, and manifest it. That's how we make it happen quicker.

I'll be around even if I am a bit quieter. See you on the other side

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo

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