Ego in the world - The 8 Deadly Sins

Ego in the world - The 8 Deadly Sins

How perfect is this as a summation of what is wrong with the world and people today?

Credit for the original idea and research into the Latin goes to my daughter, Angelica.

Don’t come at this list with the idea of “this will send you to hell”… come with the idea that allowing any of these will put you in hell on earth, because ego is hell.

All of these aspects are expressions of ego.

1. Gula or Gluttony

Gula is the overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste.

2. Luxuria and Fornicatio or Lust and fornication

Luxuria is self indulged sexual desire.

Fornicatio is consensual sex between two people not married.

3. Avaritia or Avarice/Greed

Avaritia is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs, especially with respect to material wealth.

4. Superbia or Pride and Hubris

Superbia references unreasonable and inordinate self esteem, as well as negative or positive pride.

5. Tristitia or Sorrow, Despair and Despondency

Tristitia speaks to anything to do with depression, and can also be translated to envy.

This is pure ego journey of expectation and desire… I don’t have what I want, so I am envious of those who have it by default. That awareness of lack (envy) creates depression.

So the depression is created by the envy or desire.

6. Ira or Wrath

Ira refers to uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and hatred… anger management trends anyone?

7. Vanagloria or Vainglory

Vanagloria is about selfishness and competition. This would include aspects like jealousy.

8. Acedia or Sloth

Acedia means without care, and failure to do things one must do.

It is also linked to depression and sorrow - but it’s a duality: you’re depressed because you’re not doing the things you’re supposed to do, but you’re not doing the things you’re supposed to do because you’re depressed.

How to use this list as a tool….

The first way to use this is to verbalize the things that are frustrating you in the people around you.

When you have already dropped mirrors and stuff still exists around you, because it exists in so many people, it helps to be able to vent.

The second way to use this list is to identify where you are slipping into these habits yourself.

Remember…. these habits put you into hell on Earth because they give your ego a foothold.

By guarding against these, you give yourself a foothold over ego.

For a rabbit hole of more ego articles, please visit this page:

Peace, light and harmony always xo

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