Give thanks you've escaped the system

Give thanks you've escaped the system

I guess I'm one of the very lucky ones, because my journey has happened in a way that isolated me from the world.

So I forget you see...

  • How cruel people are
  • How secular people are
  • How greedy people are
  • How wrapped up the world is in serving its own ego desires

Every now and then tho, I get sent or shown something that just drives it home again... like a farmer who won't give his animals water.

A twit that murders his family or rapes his children. Workaholics. Alcoholics. Gambling. And so much more.

People who don't believe in God - let alone live by God.

Our isolation, and somewhat prickly personalities by human standards, lead us to not participate in the world.

We feel that loss when we see how our worldly lives compare to those of others... and we can't shop and take holidays and buy pretty things. We're pretty much in survival mode.

But we're outside that system... and many are going to be surprised at how far you've already stepped away from it.

So I give thanks for each and every one of you that is stepping outside the system more and more everyday.

I thank you for seeing things, questioning things, using your voice to build a better world, when the people we're here to help are the people fighting us.

I thank our most Heavenly Father for the gift of freedom he bestowed on us when he made our human lives so difficult.

Thank you Lord for forcing us to step outside of that game, those lies.... for giving us the chance to step outside the charade and really begin to live.

You think you're weak, but when financial crisis hits, you don't hurt your family, you find a way to make it. You stay pure - determined to find something good in the experience, to turn it into something good.

Each day you live outside the system you get stronger - and I am grateful for every risk and fear you've faced to break free of this lie we call civilization and society.

Today I give thanks for you.

Today I give thanks for our strength.

Today I give thanks that we have been freed from the tyranny of financial oppression.

By human standards our lives may have been hard, but when I look at the results, I can only say I am deeply grateful to have been set free.

Give thanks today when the human world drives you nuts.

Everything that irritates, hurts and upsets you - remember that your call to Source has set you free of having to live that experience.

Give thanks for those miracles!

And remember, fighting this energy, on this planet, as well as you do, well that makes you a miracle too.

Thank you God that we were chosen to be freed first.

Thank you God.

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