So if ever there was a day I was going to curl up and die and give up, yesterday was it.

There’s some peace of mind that I wasn’t the only one… but not much LOL. The last period has been a bit rough, hey?

Ascension Flu

It deserves the uppercase mention, cos wow this Ascension Flu was a zinger. Last proper Ascension Flu I remember having was last year July, so this one took me by surprise.

Hearing from a lot of secular people that they have “flu” as well… much of snottiness and coughing and wheezing. Definite fogginess and battling to focus.

Lower back and kidneys are featuring an enormous amount, with kidney meridian coming up a lot.

Base chakra governs survival, and when it is out of sync, it manifests as fear. That fear of survival you’re feeling? Your base chakra needs some work.

You can pretend it’s a round ball and bounce it. clean it and rotate it. Just keep going even if you’re not sure. You figure it out by trying various things.

There are a number of base chakra resources here at and a video healing tool at

Fatigue and exhaustion are also common, and the battling to focus and find a flow is quite hectic. I’m even battling with writing and keeping my train of thought.

Ego Deaths & Rock Bottoms

Lots of ego movement with ego deaths… remember you’re stripping away a layer of your identity, and what you’re afraid of is how that change will impact other areas.

Say you decide to break up with your partner… not only are you single, you lose your home, so you’re no longer a homeowner, you become a single parent, you become the only breadwinner, and you run the risk of becoming the least favorite parent.

Even if you meet someone and fall in love, your identity changes from single to involved. So you lose the identity of single. And you lose your right to be a free agent, to be available to date, potentially friends, and if the person has kids, you start becoming a step parent.

The really difficult thing about ego deaths is how they impact us in day to day life - and they are most likely to hit us when we are bored and lonely and have time to think.

So, it’s when you’re sitting alone at home that you miss your ex or the person who has died, not when you’re busy at work and your mind is occupied.

And we all love to isolate when we enter these periods, so there’s plenty of time for our minds to get bored and lonely.

And once the feelings start to arise, you look for reasons inside yourself why you’re feeling this - something in your past, someone you know, a relationship… basically you’re feeling an energy and assigning it to something about your identity.

So, in order to reconcile it, you have to give up a layer of your identity…. and that hurts. It’s like cutting off your arm - it’s gonna hurt!

There were some serious rock bottoms over the past week, many driven by glitches and financial concerns.

And it feels a bit like one step forward, two steps back in the past week, as you’ve made changes to your life and relationships, and faced unexpected challenges.

It always passes - remind yourself of that. No feeling you’ve ever had will last forever, and this won’t either.

So trust the process.

Just try and get as many statements as you can out during the ego death period - here’s a free online mirrors of relationship tool:

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