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Life Coaching in the Digital World

According to a Gallup Organisation poll, 94% of people think that achieving forgiveness is important but 85% of people say they can’t do it without external help.

Practicing daily gratitude will help make people a full 25% happier in as little as ten weeks – but it’s one of those little things we all forget to do.

Statistics also show that people who write down their goals daily are 80% more likely to achieve them – but this is also one of those easy fixes we let slip by the wayside.

Likewise, people understand and see the many benefits of meditation, but don’t do it because they think it’s only sitting still and being quiet.

So how do you find ways to make these day-to-day coaching necessities more accessible in today’s age of instant gratification?

Business Coaching is easier

In business coaching it’s easier, because there are understood and accepted concepts, and a quick hop onto Google will give you plethora of models and structures and question sets and tools you can freely use.

Generally, because the concepts are clearly defined and understood, business models and tools are widely in use, so they’re usually freely available and also generally accepted without argument.

Similarly, many business coaches work with and subscribe to a franchise model, where a more senior team is feeding new processes and techniques down the channel.

Life Coaching is intangible “soft skills”

For the intangible, soft skill stuff though, things like achieving forgiveness, tackling your inner voice, practicing gratitude, staying focused and more – well those are subject to opinion and ideology, and are more difficult to define and put into mental or visual structures that people will be able to connect to.

A neat little bow

So how do you tie this all up into a neat little bow and create something gadgety, that’s easy to play with, offers real coaching benefit and rewards people’s sense of instant gratification in our digital age?

Life Coaches Toolbox is a resource designed to do exactly that – offer an engaging digital platform, with access to unique free life coaching gadgets and resources for coaches, mentors, managers, trainers and managers.

In addition, the site offers a range of beautifully designed ready-to-download processes for use in the more personal arenas of life and business coaching that all coaches run into, but aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with.

Free gadgets & tools

The free online forgiveness release tool, for example, is based on the Ho’oponopono forgiveness process, the I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, Please forgive me mantra.

Users can go online, easily upload a photo of the person they want to forgive and on the next page it has the mantra rotating above the picture of the person’s picture.

The daily gratitudeset your career goals and set your money goals tools allow you to pop online, fill in the blanks and send your reminders off to the universe – even from the comfort of your mobile phone while sitting and waiting for an appointment.

The free metaphor generator will give you hundreds of variations on the opening line for a story, and can be used as a metaphor generator by coaches, a story kick starter by writers, a tool to release writers block or even as a team building or ice breaker tool among groups.

In addition, the site contains a number of other innovative free resources for coaches, mentors, facilitators and users, and more will follow in the coming months.

A range of processes for personal coaching applications

Life Coaches Toolbox is also home to a storefront of over 93 Soft Skill Life Coaching Processes available for immediate download, with a range more that will be added in the comings weeks and months.

Designed to be visually appealing and engaging, each one of the processes can be purchased immediately online, one by one, as you need them.

Broken into easy-to-understand categories like Building Trust, Fear & Anxiety, Forgiveness, Generating Joy and Inner Voice, and you can purchase the tool right there on the page, or visit our processes store.

Including tools, processes and techniques that cover spiritual, mental, emotional and physical approaches, the Life Coaches Toolbox resource also includes coaching questions, scripts and instructions for guided meditations and visualizations, rampages and adaptations and simplifications of well known processes that have been modernized for easy DIY use and to include tablets, smartphones and other devices to make the techniques more powerful and effective.

For more information visit Life Coaches Toolbox on www.lifecoachestoolbox.com

To download a free sample process, click here

Click here to view the free diagnostics, gadgets and tools


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