Why do you have faith?

This post is about faith and why we have it; the experiences that have led us to this place on our spiritual journey.

This is such an important post and I didn’t know what to title it honestly…. titles have never been my favorite. I’m far too literal and factual lol. I don’t do story and fluff well at all.

I’ve spoken a lot lately about faith by seeking, in other words faith that is earned through the experiences on your journey, vs faith by conversion, which is lazy faith, because you ride on somebody else’s experience of faith.

However…. while I am not a fan of faith by conversion, because I know you need the experience in order to really cement it for yourself, the truth is that very few people did actually seek across their lifetimes, and most have only come to know themselves spiritually in the past few years, in sudden awakenings.

So first off, I’d like those who do have their own gained experience of faith to please list three or more of your top experiences that have led you to have faith in comments below.

This post will be replicated across the groups for privacy, and on my public profile. So if you are brave enough, please post publicly so that a wider audience can see and share it. Also please share from the public post on my public profile if you are going to share - the groups are private.

I am, as always, going to take the lead by sharing experiences, but to be honest I have so many experiences that have cemented my faith, that I cannot isolate just 3. There are just too many big, big, big experiences for me to limit to three.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.

I am NOT here with this post to convert anyone who does NOT already believe. The point of this post is to help seekers of less than a decade who haven’t yet had enough faith experiences to cement their faith further and identify different kinds of faith experiences.

So…. trolls beware. I will NOT tolerate trolls on this post at all. You will face my full dragon if you troll on this post, and you will be blocked.

This post is for the faithful and those who wish to grow their faith. You do not want to test my patience when it comes to faith - there is very little that brings out my claws and fire as much as small and closed minded people who try to deny others’ experiences of faith because they have not had the pleasure of experiencing any magic for themselves.

I fully respect people’s right NOT to believe in God, and I choose not to engage on that, even though I personality think it’s idiotic. However, I and those who will engage in this post, also have the right to our faith - and the right to speak to each other freely about it. If you don’t like this post, ignore it. Or troll at your own peril. My gloves will be off and my claws will be out.

I trust that I have drawn a very clear line in the sand here.

Some of the most outstanding experiences that have confirmed my faith

Waking up at age of four with the thought “If I had lived before this I would not remember now.” Yes, exactly those words. From that day I was awake and remember everything.

My childhood knowledge of stuff that I had never encountered - all esoteric. By first grade I was reading stuff about vampires because I’d been having dreams about them already.

My knowledge in general as a child and while growing up. I just knew stuff, and my mind worked. I was trying stuff like absorbing info from books with my hands by fifth grade. The understanding I could do it was just there. The kinds of parking lots they’re building now were ideas I having at age 8. I still have some improvements lol :)

By my early 20s I could verbalize concepts like “I’m an antenna that pulls information from a field of information that is all around us.” I could already give active examples of where ideas had shown up at the same time in society. I already knew the information came from somewhere greater than me. I had already identified clear level ups and ages at which they occur naturally.

I have like 700-gazillion examples of having a session or healing and seeing active change in my life almost immediately. And examples of immediate relief from all pains and symptoms of illness from healing. So many examples that I think medicine is a waste of time because it takes longer to feel relief than healing does.

All my first major intuitive experiences involved major detail: like people’s names. One of the first times I tried to do a reading on purpose, I was getting detail down to the exact names of the people in the situation; so accurate was the detail that the two ladies I was reading for never spoke to me again. The first time I experienced clairaudience I didn’t realize it was that and asked the person out loud: “What did you say about Daniel?” She looked at me, and said, “I was thinking about him - I didn’t say anything.” She’s never been in a room alone with me since.

My first big miracle healing I had been admitted to hospital with a compression fracture of my lumbar vertebra. I think L4 or L6. I think. My father (a healer) asked if he could work on me distance, and I had no idea what that meant but I was always open minded, so I said yes. I walked out the next day. My then fiancé, who was an orthopedic guy, never spoke to me again.

Another one that has fifty gazillion examples is that basically everything I have read in books I had verbalized before I read it. So reading texts has always been conformation and validation for me. This is why I am sure there is one absolute truth and one absolute path - you always reach the same conclusions eventually. This is also why spiritual people get along so well - we come from the same resonance and understand the presuppositions we operate from that seem to confuse ego. LOL…. if ego is so smart, why does it get so easily confused?

I’ve had multiple major awakenings that have led to short and long term visions and manifestation of experience. If I put my mind somewhere I could generate results and I just knew I could keep getting sharper. It was very rare to see me without a book in my hand when I was younger lol - I devoured everything I could lay my hands on to learn more, as quickly as possible. I always felt on the clock. By age 19 I could verbalize that I knew something major spiritual would happen in our lifetime.

By age 25/26, I could verbalize that I was a lightworker and that there would be a spiritual renaissance. I had already verbalized that I would be part of the 144,000 Ascended Masters required to shift the planet. This is also around where the big breakthrough really happened and I met God.

LOL…. if you could see me just sitting here smiling now… the joy of that period was just immeasurable. It still is to be honest.

That whole period was like a few years of pure joy. I did my first miracle healing on someone else and started healing myself as well. I finally started understanding how. It was massive confirmation to have had worked on my ex, who I also worked in an office job with, and have people who know us both, comment to me after the healing that they could see the visible difference in his health and face immediately after the healing session. During that session, he experienced me moving his energy and I had tell him to stop bouncing it like a ball. His face was in shock as he exclaimed: “You felt that?” Yes, I felt that. And so did you… and here we are discussing it. That definitely built my faith lol.

And then I met God… and if you’ve had that experience, I don’t need to explain it to you. I was reading the Disappearance of there Universe by Gary Renard at that time, which speaks about ACIM (A Course in Miracles), and I was lying on the couch one night, listening to music, in a state of letting my mind go, and then I had God’s hands in front of me. Just the two hands open in front of me, along with the most indescribable joy I have ever imagined.

The joy was paralyzing - and more addictive that anything else I’ve ever experienced. All my soul could do was sing thank you. And it carried on for like a month. There was just this great surging joy, after a very dark trial by fire of about nine months, during which I was unemployed. And as I got to the end of that period, I had this breakthrough of meeting God, entered the joy, and everything started turning around. It was indescribable.

Things just started manifesting, help arrived and I was just floating on this cloud singing "thank you". Each night for about a month, I would be given incredible surges of joy and emotion, along with occasional visions, like being in among the angels closest to God. I have my daughter to thank for bringing me back down to earth about a month later, cos I was actually paralyzed by the emotion lol. So it was of practical worth to be brought down from that space, even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

During all this time, over many years, I am also having constant healing work done where I experience changes in my body and life - and I start learning how to direct energy, moving energy that shifts from causing my car to break down to moving through my body as illness instead. Didn’t realize yet I could let it go.

I also manage to take that learning and manifest what I want materially - including a house, a beautiful house, and business success. I was also doing miracle hearings on others, helping them turn their lives around, bringing them peace, and having incredible results like women who overcame infertility and finally had a baby - without medical intervention.

The learning and miracle and manifestation experiences continue for the next few years - and then 2012 happened. During those years I have multiple psychic experiences, including catching my husband cheating a few times. Like within a few days each time. Multiple other big psychic experiences - many witnessed by others. And my mind and knowledge keep growing more and more and more, in a way that others notice.

The next big one that pops to mind was the past life memory of my Twin Flame when he started lying to me. I wake up one morning, we’ve been involved about a month, and as I awake the thought arrives: he has a son. Then the past life memory hits me. I go for a healing session and my BodyTalk prac comes up with the same exact story and details in the session, as does my psychic the next day. So by the time I actually spoke to him I knew the story already. And it turned out to be exactly that in the end.

There was so much in my Twin Flame, including me having had guessed this story and building a psychic bond with him so great that I could feel him at distance. We could literally create physical sensations in each others’ bodies at distance, and we could communicate at distance. So well in fact, that we would come online to chat at exactly the same time almost every time. When I was pulling away towards the end, he could call me out of whatever I was doing mentally to make me aware he was trying to reach me. Most of the time we knew what the other was going to say before they said it.

The big one with my Twin Flame was the night I found out he was married… I was lying on my bed, and the Holy Spirit said "Google this.” It was 2AM and out of nowhere, but I did Google what was instructed. About four hops later I was looking at photos of my Twin Flame and his wife and kids, under his REAL NAME, which I wasn’t aware of until then, because he’d created a complete false identity to entrap me. I can only say that the reason I didn’t find out sooner was because I wasn’t meant to. That’s the only answer I get on that one, which is still a puzzle. I’ll solve it one day lol :)

That was on the 6th of May 2017. So just under five months ago.

Prior to that in December, I had my six week long ascension journey, that started the same way Buddha’s did. I sat down, closed my eyes to go into that space, and I ascended. And I went on the most extraordinary journey of visions and downloads that lasted six weeks, in which everything that had conflicted and not made sense before suddenly fit together. That’s a whole novel on it’s own, that journey.

What I would consider my biggest experiences of faith have happened since then, and for me, the biggest is that the higher I go, the more and more ALL the detail fits in. Even every single conflict between the religions makes sense. I see a tapestry that I do not have the capacity to even begin to create - I’m just way too factual for that much detail. I honestly sometimes wonder how I am holding this understanding in my head.

Visions are commonplace now, and the kind of insight and detail I get into stuff is just uncanny and bizarre by human standards I’m sure. Since May 2017, I have probably had the 30 biggest experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining them. The background required to understand them alone is just off the charts.

I honestly get in excess of a hundred confirmations of faith and information a day now, in so many ways. I see more proof of faith than I do for doubt. And even my doubt teaches me about faith now, because I look back at the things I got wrong intuitively and I see why I got them wrong now - how my ego responses were getting in the way of me seeing or acknowledging the truth. I also have a lot more respect for God’s Divine Plan.

The thing about faith is that it builds over many years, in many little layers.

There are however, as with everything, barrier points, one-way barriers of no return.

When it comes to faith, which is really faith in God-as-ALL and trust in yourself, there are certain points where you have to accept what you already know.

If someone asks you to bake a cake, you won’t agree unless you know how to bake the whole cake. This means acknowledging that you have experienced and know how to mix cake batter, bake a cake, mix icing and then ice and decorate the cake to a standard that is considered pleasing by many. It also means you accept you know how to obtain the ingredients, and obtain the money in order to obtain the ingredients.

The journey of faith is no different - and as you cross certain layers you do so because you understand what you are already capable of. You’ve had enough confirmation experiences that you no longer need that confirmed.

And you can also extrapolate the knowledge of confirmation onto similar experiences…. think about the color blue. Now think about another shade, and another shade, and another shade. In fact, it would be fair to say that you would recognize any shade of blue because you know what blue is, wouldn’t it? Knowledge is no different - if you understand the core of a concept, you can see all it’s shades and variations.

All knowledge is like this - you have to pass through layers of accepting that you understand certain concepts so that you can evolve onto the next concept of understanding. Like you have to accept you understand algebra in order to study calculus.

Because faith doesn’t come with a degree from an accredited (man-made) university, and people didn’t experience it for themselves however, and because God is controversial, and people feel they have the right to label as stupid anyone who disagrees with their worldview, it’s open to interpretation.

Faith is about God - whatever form you see God in

It’s about believing in something higher than yourself.

That in itself is a one-way barrier, and we see that with miracle conversions: people are atheists and doubters until the moment they aren’t. And then they believe fully.

The first level of faith is truly you either believe or you don’t - and for those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.

For those of who us who do truly believe, no proof is necessary.

For someone like me, and I’d love to hear an AMEN or HALLELUJAH from those who agree, I honestly believe now that no doubt is possible.

God first. Because 36 years of faith can’t be wrong - and even if there is the slightest chance that it is, then I’ll take that risk, because what no one can take away is the peace and security that exists inside me now, and grows every single day. A peace and security I am certain those in the world of ego do not have, because I can see the pain I used to feel when I carried doubt like theirs. Pain I haven’t felt for a very long time.

So even if I am absolutely wrong, my faith has still given me peace and joy that I never had - or saw anyone else have - in their world of “society” and “ego”. And if we only have one life, with nothing after that, then I’d rather be faithful and happy during that one life.

You can keep your doubt lol. Good look being happy with it.

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