What is resonance?

What is resonance?

Resonance means that your mind is tuned into the frequency of a thought, concept or emotion in the morphic field.

So when you encounter a situation that relates to that aspect, your vibrational response is aligned to fetch a certain set of responses based on the presence of that energy.

You've experienced this with an insight or aha moment, or a sudden mood change: your vibration was aligned with a frequency that then determined what you feel, and your responses and behaviors.

On a more complex level, you may resonate with fear, excitement and hope if you meet a new love interest.

The excitement and hope cause you to want to reach out, and the fear makes you hesitate.

But then you remember the love interest saying that he/she really hopes to hear from you, and the resonance to fear drops away.

Now your alignment to hope and excitement allow you to reach out with joy and anticipation, with hope of acceptance.

If you find your boss threatening for example, your resonance causes you to look for the ways in which the things that he/she says could be perceived as a threat.

It's like the resonance causes that thought and experience to filter through a layer of the emotion before you process it, if you can visualize that

Imagine that the resonance causes you to attract the related emotion, like a fine mist or wifi network, into your geographic location.

This energy of the emotion then filters into the experience as it is playing out, and into your mind as you're thinking about it.

It's like dropping dye into a bowl of water with pieces of fabric - the dye spreads out and permeates everything; becoming an inherent and inseparable part of the water and each piece of fabric.

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