Why you need to wait and be patient right now - 5 June 2017

Why you need to wait and be patient right now - 5 June 2016

Also covering the concepts of subjective truth, the spiritual path and free will

So wow - have the energies ever been moving the past while.

The last post where I said wait was the post where I’d hit the realization of wanting to teach Ascension only. No romantic inclination or interest.

That feeling was mirrored by practically every single women I ran into and spoke to this weekend - and many of them were shocked that they were now feeling like this after wanting a relationship for so long.

If you’d been patient, you will probably start feeling different today - I felt the energy start to budge last night.

There was a pop like a cord releasing and a whole new wave of emotion - definitely a contrast or polarity of what was previously. More a contrast I’d suppose.

The thing is… your mind and soul are in 2017 and right now your system and body have only caught up to 2015. And if I look back to what I was feeling and my notes from back then, this matches those experiences perfectly. Especially in the details that are playing out in people’s lives.

Like you were shocked when the romantic feelings went away, you’re likely to be shocked by the polarities and changes that are coming up in the next few weeks. They will take you just as completely by surprise when they happen.

I don’t often get told timelines but they have been so strict on the timelines with this I just can’t ignore it.

And then this weekend happened.

You know, I’m strong, but I battle the same ego level responses that everyone else does - and there was a particular bit of information - a prophesy - that I just could not accept. And I’m pretty good at swallowing stuff even when I don’t want to accept it usually.

I have not spoken about this or mentioned it - because it was too much for even me to handle or verbalize - but the baseline goes “commits suicide after holding his/her dead daughter in his/her hands.”

I saw that prophesy completed in a primary lightworker’s life this weekend. Exactly as I got the details and order, that is what this twin has played out in their life recently. And I’m seeing similar situations playing out in other people’s lives already.

We both sat there openmouthed and staring when we worked it out over the weekend. Both of us were gobsmacked. But the confirmation was too perfect to ignore. The details are scary accurate.

I hold information back because I know the responses people will have about certain things. And this is something that people are going to react completely wildly to - suicide and the death of a child. That’s one of the worst things imaginable in the human experience.

However I’m warning you now to tell you the severity of what it is we’re dealing with. This isn’t child’s play instructions I’ve gotten, and as it’s moving through stuff is happening fast.

How Free Will & Subjective Truth Confuse the Spiritual Journey

One of the things that people love to tell me is that everyone’s journey is different.

Around 2005, I realized that the journey is the same for everyone, and it was when the following pattern came to my conscious attention: I had realizations and thoughts that I would then read in the books of other advanced teachers. Much of the time I’ve spent reading spiritual books in fact is spent realizing that yes - I got that understanding as well.

The further I go in fact, the more and more it all aligns.

This idea of subjective truth is a construct of ego - it’s ego telling you that your way can be right. And that you are special and set apart from all other beings.

But it’s impractical and inefficient to do it that way - a subjective journey for each traveller would be the equivalent of creating a new degree with a complete syllabus for every person who enters the university.

The point in studying anything is that we all reach the same point of knowledge and can share that experience and grow from that baseline together.

The spiritual journey is no different - and the idea that it can be subjective and special to you is a pure ego construct of personalization. You feel a need to make it personally special about you.

Whether you land up a mermaid or a fairy or a magician or a sage or a Master or an earth angel or a goddess, you still need ego mitigation, forgiveness understanding, psychic connection, access to the akashic records, knowledge of how to work with entities, and abilities to be able to navigate the field.

The path or ‘destiny’ we all love to go on about, is how you choose to express those energies, and what you choose to do with them. I choose to be an Ascended Master and magician. My tool and mechanism is the morphic field. Yours may be healing or it may be the Twin Flame expression.

What you get assigned to and how far you go, well this is down to your free will - what you choose.

Free will gets in the way of everything - and it’s why our destinies are decided from those who volunteer. Free will has to be catered to first.

If they assigned one person to be the messiah and then he/she got here and chose another path by free will, then there would be no messiah. And even if the person volunteers, there’s no guarantee they’ll perform the alchemy required to turn the lead (trauma and pain) into gold (love and learning).

We think each journey is different because we focus on the details of the person’s life. But once you step past personalization and you take that detail out, then what you are left with is the patterns.

The pattern for Ascension is forgiveness, ego mitigation, surrender, trust and faith. Crossing the barrier for Ascension is the equivalent of getting a bachelors degree - it’s the required content anyone and everyone has to take before they are allowed to specialize.

After you have the baseline information and you have earned your stripes so to speak, you come back for the next test: putting what you know into action and specializing into the area that is right for you. For me that’s the morphic field. For you that might be hands on healing.

The outcome (expression) of what we choose varies - the baseline degree (Ascension journey) is the same.

I held myself back for many years with this subjective truth thing - and when I started ignoring myself on those issues and pushing through, it surged my development - off the charts surged my development.

Now - I run open arms towards anything I don’t want to accept. You have to sit next to me for a few days to see how it happens - I just climb into everything.

The Coming Period

Even though the timeline of the next period is fixed, free will still comes into play, both yours and others’.

Where we land up is determined by the choices everyone makes until 19 September - and that’s only when the energies for this period finish baseline integration.

By making a decision before that time is up - even a mental decision - you are activating your free will and stopping the healing process.

Basically when you make a mental decision, it creates like a barrier in your mental thought bubble projection.

However as these energies are changing in the real world, they begin to filter to your thought bubble and everyone else’s.

But because of the honoring of free will, the moment the morphic field encounters a mental decision you have made, it honors that first and takes the new energy away from you.

So yes, you may have felt the pull to stay single and give up romance the past few days, but if you allowed it to pass, you would be feeling a different way by now already.

Because you have made a mental decision, the field is honoring your choice and leaving you to live out the experience - which takes TIME, read years in some cases.

That TIME of experience is not required for this shift - just the emotional energetic expression to be released in layers.

So each time the evolving energy encounters the barrier of your decision, it jumps back and moves onto where it can enter. So you don’t feel the change that is naturally coming.

Then you start taking actions towards building that life of the decision you’ve made and then push away the natural evolution even more.

What worries me for you is that you ignore my advice and then make a decision anyway, and we hit one of the major dates coming up and you realize that this is not what you want at all - but now you feel painted into a corner because you were so definite, and made so many life changing decisions.

Patience Sucks... Especially when You're Frustrated!

Oh my God - being patient in a time bound universe is terrible. It’s a horrible experience that can leave you powerless and hopeless and frustrated.

Why does this happen? We are used to operating at the speed of thought - which is instant. If you think about your last relationship… that only took a second. We’re used to that speed.

I’m very grateful I got the resonance of patience a few years back - I’m grateful for it every single day. Especially as I feel how impatient and frustrated people are for real life results.

If you make a decision too soon it will probably land up tripping you up down the line - and the only way to be really sure is to wait until all the energy changes have been implemented and see where you are in total.

It’s exactly 3,5 months from today. 3 months and two weeks from today is the 19th of September.

Delay any major decision you have to make until those energies have played through - just do what you need to do to build up right now, to keep yourself going month to month.

The message is so strong - please delay before you act and make decisions.

Please wait. Please don’t be hasty.

We’ve had so much movement and improvement in the last three weeks alone… we’re still going to have 1000x times that much movement in the next three months.

At Least Two Weeks From Today

At minimum do not make any moves or mental decisions until two weeks from today - give the integration time to pass and then only start seeing where you are.

You are in pain and confused and overwhelmed and you want results - but keep it at bay and let the energies flow to you. Let yourself experience the energies only - without the need to act them out in real life.

That’s the normal process - you feel an energy and then you live out a few life experiences to reinforce that learning and learn the different angles.

Effectively what we’re doing now is only shifting this through energy - so if you let the energy pass, then the stage will too.

The moment you take action and take a mental decision, you anchor yourself in that stage to live out the life experience part of it.

If you do that you will have to start reliving everything from 2015 - let yourself catch up to time.

We had no idea a few weeks ago that we would feel like this - I’m sure we’ll say that in a few weeks again.

Explaining All of This

Crossing the Ascension Barrier was amazing - stuff fell into place that I had been battling with for years. All of a sudden I just saw all of it.

For that reason, I remember exactly how hard it was to get these concepts - I just couldn’t, even when someone explained them.

I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around - I have the same problem with certain things as they come through.

My decision therefore is to simplify the message as much as I can for you - and tell you exactly what the best thing is to do. That’s the simplest.

It’s the simplest rule - but not easy. Be patient and don’t make any mental decisions. They’re never easy, but always simple.

This is the adventure we’ve all been waiting for and there was a glitch - and we’ve worked to fix that glitch so that we come back into alignment.

Don’t miss out on the greatest adventure because you desire instant gratification.

We do this right and we sort out the rest of your life - you can wait three months for that. I promise it won’t kill you :)

Lightworker Heroes & Light Warriors

Heroes don’t get awards for going to the corner store and buying milk.

This is NOT meant to be easy. If it was easy we wouldn’t have had to send millions of us to work together. And those souls would not have to be advanced and leaders and rebels.

Everyone of us is crucial to the success of this plan - every single one of us. Each of us has to play their part.

A little bit of patience right now means we can truly turn this situation into gold. And only God’s plan for salvation will work. LOL I can see all the ACIM students nodding their heads in agreement.

Please don’t rush - please don’t make strong decisions. Decisions delay God’s plan for salvation.

Let the info and changes come to you from the morphic field and do all your basics to shift it through as quickly as possible.

It sounds stupid but your best implement or tool right now is a journal - get the thoughts out on paper as quickly as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner that layer of energy will shift.

We are only 50% of the way through the layers right now. Then the next big energy wave shadow has already started.

You’re in 2015 - that’s the simplest way I can explain it.

By next week Friday you will be here and present in 2017 - fully present.

Then wait that weekend to see where your thinking goes.

Don’t mess this up so close to the finish line please - it’s rare that we get the direct kind of communication that I am getting, coupled with my bravery to speak the truth.

I am letting them run EVERYTHING in me right now - every single decision. This is as close as I can bring us to nonstop guidance right now.

The message is WAIT AND BE PATIENT.

Let this play out first. Please.

They are promising this will be worth it in the end. I feel exactly that too.

Instant gratification is an ego construct and the enemy. Delay as much as possible right now. At worst you’ll learn how to create patience.

It’s not going to be easy - the urge to move is strong. You are disciplining yourself here.


Do all your daily basics as often as possible please - especially Butterfly Releases. http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/energy-healing-shifting-basics-free-resources

Pray and meditate. And then… stop and listen. Listen for answers and insights and let the thoughts flow. Don’t edit them or judge them, just write them down. There’s time to understand them after you have the information - and get all of it. Often it’s layers that seem unrelated that build up to something bigger.

Understand how shifts work: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/make-your-healing-and-growth-easier-by-understanding-the-different-kinds-of-shifts-and-shifting-cycles

Have a wonderful day and week fellow light beings. We are on our way and I promise you you want to see what’s on the other side. It’s way more satisfying than anything ego could ever promise or provide.

Can’t wait to get a few artists up there so you guys can come back with art for us to share!

You are strong - immeasurably strong. And I believe in you.

Have a fantastic Monday and a fantastic week.

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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