Creating Hope for Love

This set of exercises is designed to help you chip away at resistance and build hope that you can find love again.

Self Image & Self Worth

Why and how are you a better person when you're in a romantic relationship?

My turn:

  • I am more compromising in general when I'm in a relationship
  • I am more inclusive and inclined to welcome other people
  • I feel safe to take bigger risks
  • The dualities I share with my partner allow me to go deeper into my expressions and aspects
  • I am more inclined to looking after my appearance and physique, thereby health in general
  • My love multiplies so much and everyday just becomes this glorious float on a cloud of love
  • The connection makes me feel I can do and achieve anything
  • I feel like I express all the love in me
  • I am instantly four times more powerful when I shift with someone than alone - united we are much stronger

Your turn...



Who or what do you need to forgive and release?

When we have a bad experience it becomes an energetic mirror that attracts someone new with a matching mirror.

Forgiveness releases the need for the experience to play out, meaning we can attract a more positive relationship experience.

My turn:

I forgive my Twin Flame for stealing a place in my life that he had no right of access to. I forgive him for lying to me every day for four long years while my life fell apart around me.

I understand that this makes me hesitant to trust and more likely to think men are lying or cheating.

Holy Spirit I ask you to choose for peace and forgiveness for me in this regard, so that I may welcome love completely and give myself fully when the opportunity presents itself again.

Please show me how to anticipate and welcome the arrival of new love with peace.

A note on new love: this can also mean a fresh start with a current partner. A new approach to your love.

Your turn...



What is it that you appreciate and value about having love in your life?

How does having love in your life add value to your experience?

My turn:

  • I value the way we grow together and accelerate each other's learning
  • I appreciate having such a deep mental connection and telepathic bond
  • I love feeling complete
  • I love the companionship; company and laughter
  • I totally love the little language of us that always develops as you create history and memories
  • I love knowing that I'm not in it alone
  • I value having a space to collapse, be vulnerable and not be in charge
  • I appreciate physical touch, cuddling and losing myself in my partner sexually

Your turn...

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