Why I believe in Flat Earth

Somewhere in 2015, maybe early 2016, I stumbled across Flat Earth one day… and the pure thought of it made me piss myself laughing… Earth? Flat? Are you kidding me?

But, because I challenge my mind, I have this thing I’ll do…. when I come across something that triggers an ego reaction in me, I immerse myself in it and clear the mirrors.

Flat Earth was no different - and we spent the next few months watching documentaries and gathering proof. And there is more than enough content out there, from MANY different sources, to keep you more than busy with Flat Earth for a few months to be honest.

And move through that content we did…. on both sides of the argument: flat earth theory and globe earth theory.

For me, this process took about two months, of hours a day of research and checking stuff for myself, until one day I could not lie anymore… ALL the evidence shows that Earth is flat.

The Facts of Flat Earth

The proofs of Flat Earth are so varied that it would be impossible to cover them all - unless you wanna make one of those 3-hour Flat Earth documentaries. There are many of those LOL - indicative of how many proofs there are.

The simplest proofs that you’ll see repeated often, are the facts about line of sight.

If you ever watched Independence Day, you’ll know what line of sight is…. it means you can’t send a direct signal to somewhere on Earth without satellite help, because the curvature of the Earth would make the signal bounce out into space.

In practical reality, according to mainstream science… at a distance of just 14kms between two points, the curvature of the Earth would be so extreme that you SHOULD NOT be able to see as close as 14km away. The curvature of the Earth would be directly in your line of sight - around 2 meters high.

But that’s bullshit, because I can go somewhere like God’s window in South Africa and see hundreds of kilometers away - to Mozambique on a clear day.

Even with the elevation of God’s Window (google it - it’s breathtaking and you won’t regret it; worth visiting SA just to see this once), the curvature of the Earth at a few hundred kilometers would mean that I should not be able to see that far.

But I have.

But Globe Earth Theory and Science tells me that this is impossible. I should be looking out into space at that kind of distance.

This is a recent Flat Earth documentary, following a group of scientists for seven years, who set out to find out if Earth has curvature. They include experiments of this nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McdMMmclGVc

The scientists in the linked documentary (I’ve only linked one and it’s the most mainstream science one - I could’ve linked hundreds lol) perform a number of tests that will blow your mind - taking the distances they measure across up to over 100km.

At 100km separating two points, the Earth’s curvature should be 711meters in height - totally obscuring anything that is that far away.

Here’s a calculator that you can use yourself to work it out: https://dizzib.github.io/earth/curve-calc/?d0=100&h0=1.8&unit=metric

You get to see every experiment they do in this documentary - and every time the results are the same: Earth is a flat plane - there is no curvature.

But don’t take my word for it - go watch this large group of scientists SHOW YOU what they discovered.

Seeing is believing - and you should go see this one for yourself.

Why Flat Earth Matters

Globe Earth, space and evolution are belief systems that make an interesting reality possible for people… atheism.

And it replaces the God who rules over them with a God they have control over… Science.

Really, Copernicus, Galileo and whole bunch of other dudes came up with a theory in the late 1400s that said that Earth was a sphere in a solar system.

But like all science, it was conjecture and best guess - one we didn’t know was wrong until they tried to send up the first rockets in the 1950s.

Imagine their surprise to discover there was no outer space, and there was an impenetrable barrier…. imagine their horror to realize that ALL of science was based on these theories too.

Gravity is the big one here… that inexplicable, unmeasurable force that not even scientists can explain… ALL our science is based on that. That moment birthed Science.

If flat earth is the truth, and gravity does not exist, then all the science based on that can’t be trusted either.

And then it begs the question of WHY did they lie to us? What did they stand to gain?

Control. Control over your mind. Control over the morphic field… and the morphic field we live in is dictated by the beliefs that people carry.

So people believing in Globe Earth puts us in a different morphic field compared to when the majority believe in Flat Earth.

The beliefs people carry are a way of tuning the frequency of the morphic field (timeline reality) that we are situated in.

Globe Earth makes it possible for us to believe in Science and the accident of evolution… if it’s revealed that Earth is flat and an isolated plane of existence, that looks EXACTLY the way that the religious texts say it does, then it opens the question of does God exist?

And a lot of people will come to the conclusion of yes.

Many will not be able to accept this, even though it becomes obvious, and you will see mass deaths, literally from the shock and not being able to accept this information. People will just die, usually in their sleep.

You will see mass suicides as people come to the conclusion that there is nothing they can do to make right what it is they did wrong across their lifetimes. Somehow, committing suicide will seem like a good way to avoid the wrath of God.

It’s a serious topic, but it’s also kinda funny… you’re gonna die to AVOID God? Let me know how that works out for you LOL ;)

There’s this scene in a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, where this wizard locks himself in this special airtight container he’s built to avoid Death (the Grim Reaper), coming to collect him.

As the wizard locks the special case he’s made, it suddenly dawns on him that this space is airtight and he can’t get out.

At this point, Death’s voice says in his ear: "COSY IN HERE, ISN’T IT?”

Dying to avoid God is pretty much like that LOL

Flat Earth has the ability to change the game - OVERNIGHT.

Flat Earth has the ability to reach, and change the minds of billions we haven’t been able to reach before.

Flat Earth can trigger a worldwide spiritual renaissance - and is a way for the souls who can’t make the transition to leave through suicide or death, without us having to endure years of war, or nuclear war, or facing a worldwide epidemic of pedophilia normalization and legalisation.

Flat Earth matters.

And of all the ways that the shift can play out, Flat Earth is one of the most beautiful and elegant solutions - one that will actually cause the least amount of personal turmoil for individual souls.

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